Wasp Hive Removal Is a Job for Pest Control Pros

Their painful stings make wasps an insect to be treated with respect. While only female wasps sting, their straight stingers allow these stinging insects to sting repeatedly. Wasp stings are painful and may cause severe redness and swelling, as well as life-threatening allergic reactions. Even people who are not allergic to their sting can suffer life-threatening respiratory distress if swarmed and stung multiple times by angry wasps.

Wasps may build their hives in trees, between evergreen boughs, behind signs and shutters, under boards and other yard debris and even underground in abandoned animal burrows. The vibrations created by a lawn mower are enough to send any insects shooting out of an underground nest where they can attack home owners, children and pets. A hive behind a wall sign can pose a stinging risk to business employees or retail customers.

The danger these stinging insects present makes do-it-yourself wasp hive removal dangerous. If you discover a wasp hive on your property, do not attempt to spray and antagonize these pests. Call a licensed New Jersey pest control professional for prompt and safe wasp hive removal. For the safety of our residential and commercial customers, Stern Environmental provides 24-hour bee and wasp hive removal services. We also offer wasp control services to help keep your property wasp-free.