What Type of Damage Can a Raccoon Do in Your Attic

There are few wildlife scenes more adorable than spotting a furry, bandit-masked raccoon crossing your path. However, the cuteness wears off fast if this scene happens in your attic. These animals are becoming more comfortable in urban settings and love setting up camp in places like your nice warm home.

Raccoons won’t wait to be invited inside. They’ll work their way in by prying shingles loose or working off a piece of siding. Once inside, they prove to be inconsiderate house guests. They have a fascination with ducts and take no time to tear one apart. Insulation is no match for their wicked claws and their sharp teeth can do serious damage to wiring.

Then there are the hazards they create without even trying. Raccoons can harbor a wide variety of germs and diseases, including rabies, roundworm and distemper. As they scatter their droppings throughout an attic, they increase the probability of infecting any items being stored inside. Their urine, while also a health hazard, can be as destructive as a water leak.

The licensed professionals here at Stern Environmental Group are well-qualified to provide humane raccoon removal on a 24-hour emergency basis. We can also offer a thorough clean-up and disinfection of the affected area for the safety and protection of your family and pets. Contact us today for more information.