Watch Out for Wood-Damaging Carpenter Bees

Their aggressive behavior and wood-destroying activity makes carpenter bees a double threat when they take up residence on your property. These large bees (about 1-1/2 inch long) live in mating pairs rather than communal hives, but they are extremely territorial. Whenever anyone approaches the pair’s nesting area, the male will hurl his body at the threat, repeatedly dive bombing customers, family guests, children and pets to drive them away.

Kamikaze Bees

Mix their Kamikaze-like behavior with carpenter bees’ preference for tunneling into flat wood planks like porch roofs, building siding, cedar shingles, play equipment, outdoor furniture, posts and railings and these bees can drive you from your front porch, your children from your backyard or your customers from your business entrance.

Wood Destroyers

These bees also emit an extremely loud drill-like buzzing that adds to the panic they create. More than a nuisance, their buzzing is also a sign of ongoing destruction to your property. While male carpenter bees are busy defending the nest site, females bore into the wood, creating long tunnels where they lay their eggs. Because carpenter bees tend to stay near their original nest and reuse nesting tunnels, it is common for successive generations to infest a site. In time, multiple pairs of carpenter bees can cause significant wood damage.

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