Hornet Nest Removal 101

Hornet Removal
Hornet Removal

If you come across a hornet nest on your property, it’s important not to panic. Your first action should be to remain calm and assess the situation so that you know exactly how to handle it, and whether or not to proceed with removal of the nest.

Questions to Ask

Ask yourself the following questions when you come upon a hornet nest:

  • Is this nest in a dangerous place where people might get stung?
  • Is it likely that the nest just started forming because it’s very small?

Knowing the answers to these questions will help you know what you should do.

Removing the Nest

If the nest is still very small, you can use a large rock or a brick to flatten the nest. Make sure you hit it really hard, and leave it alone after you flatten it. However, if the nest is larger than the size of a tennis ball, you will need to use a can of hornet or wasp jet spray. Spray the nest thoroughly, but wait until the evening hours when the hornets will be asleep. You will want to douse the nest with spray, and then leave it alone. Observe for any activity the next day.

As your NJ pest control specialists, we’re able to help you remove any nests when you’re not able to. Please contact us for an appointment.