Essential Oils Are Just Snake Oil When It Comes to Killing Bed Bugs

Snake Oils
Snake Oils

Essential oils are being celebrated as the answer to any problem. That’s why it’s not surprising that they are being used in the battle against bed bugs. However, a recent study was conducted to test the theory that essential oils were effective bed bug killers, and the results weren’t very promising.

Eleven different natural, essential oil-containing products were used in the study. They contained various ingredients, such as peppermint, cinnamon and lemon grass oil. Bed bugs were sprayed in a petri dish and they were checked several times over the course of ten days. One product, EcoRaider, seemed to out-perform the rest of the natural sprays, however it took five days for 88% of the bugs to die. By the end of the ten days, all of the bugs had died.

The other sprays in the study were ineffective at killing most of the bugs, leading researchers to believe that the hype surrounding essential oils is just that – hype; at least when it comes to bed bug control.

The problem with do-it-yourself NJ bed bug control is that you never really know the size of your infestation. Bed bugs can hide in the smallest of places, and missing just one in the course of your treatments can spell failure.

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