Cockroaches – More Than You Wanted to Know

The Trouble With Cockroaches
The Trouble With Cockroaches

Cockroaches are known for surviving everything, which is why business owners need professional help exterminating them. Consider the long, strange history of roaches:

  • Cockroaches have existed since about 80 million years before the first dinosaurs!
  • Some cultures used to consider cockroaches good luck. People even brought roaches into new homes as housewarming gifts.
  • In some places, people eat cockroaches with oil and garlic as a digestive aid.

Cockroaches are hardy:

Here’s why cockroach problems turn into infestations overnight:

  • Some cockroaches can lay over 2 million babies in a year.
  • Many species reproduce less — but still about 10,000 babies per mother.
  • Female roaches can get pregnant once, and stay pregnant for the rest of their lives!

Cockroaches are hard to eliminate:

Roach killer products found in stores tend to bring mediocre results at best, followed by a complete return of the infestation. Here’s why professional cockroach exterminators are needed:

  • You can’t starve them: cockroaches live weeks without water and a month without food.
  • You can’t swat them: cockroaches can grow back legs. Some live for weeks with their head cut off!
  • You can’t simply poison them: some roaches won’t take bait, others will survive certain chemicals. Often, pesticide and sterilization chemicals get the best results.

Cockroaches have a reputation for difficult, disgusting infestations. Keep your company’s reputation intact and contact the roach control experts at Stern for fast, safe extermination.