Would You Get Bitten by Thousands of Bedbugs in the Name of Science?

Willingly Bitten
Willingly Bitten

How far would you be willing to go in order to get rid of bedbugs? While you’d most likely call an NJ bedbug control company to handle it, a Canadian biologist has taken more drastic measures for science. Regine Gries of Vancouver has let herself be bitten on a regular basis for several years as part of a study to develop a bedbug trap.

Each week during the five-year study, Gries was bitten by more than 1,000 of these pests. Gries volunteered for the study since she is only very mildly affected by their bites. She and her husband Gerhard, who is also a biologist, did the study to determine how to attract and repel bedbugs in order to create an effective bait trap.

Their results showed that bedbugs use odors to communicate with each other and that they don’t like histamine. The Gries put this information to use and found several chemicals that can lure bedbugs to seek shelter, which could be used as part of a trap. In fact, the Gries are currently working with a company in British Columbia to come up with a bedbug bait trap that could help homeowners deal effectively with these critters.

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