Coming Soon – Battling Bedbugs by Faking Them Out

Bed Bug Infestations
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The bedbug battle rages on as more and more of the blood-hungry pests infiltrate each and every welcoming nook and cranny they find.

Bedbugs are not a new pest. They’ve been around for a long, long time but the modern bedbug has additional help in traversing the globe much more than their ancestors.

With more international travelers making their way to and from modern countries as well as out of the way places, bedbugs have hopped aboard the plane, train, cruise ship, or automobile and are seeing the sights and enjoying tasty meals along the way.

In today’s world, there are more people staying in hotel rooms, thousands of people enjoying sports events at stadiums, or kids socializing in a dorm room. All of these locations are prime destinations for bedbugs.

Any out-of-the-way crack or crevice is a great place to call home from packed suit cases, sofas and chairs, stadium, school, or church seating, to the curtains in the home, or the bed at your favorite hotel.

Getting rid of an infestation is difficult but a new form of eradication is being studied at Simon Fraser University. Using five of the bugs chemical signals, a trap containing the chemicals is set. The bugs follow the chemical signal into the trap where a sixth chemical – histamine – keeps them in place.

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