Little-Known Pest Prevention Tricks for Businesses

Spraying  insecticide on cockroach
Prevent Pests In Your Business

Hopefully your business already takes simple steps to keep bugs and rodents away. Every business should be throwing away garbage regularly. Restaurants must store food in places where rodents can’t go. But what else can you do? Pests seem to show up at commercial properties even if you keep the place clean.

Here are some lesser-known tips for commercial pest prevention:

Drainage: Insects need water more than you might think! Take care of leaky plumbing. If water collects near the building’s foundation or entryways, clean out the gutters and consider upgrading the drainage system. Shovel away snow before it turns into standing water.

Air ducts: Many pests find the perfect home in a building’s duct work. If there are leaks, things get worse. Take care air ducts and other infrastructure that may need cleaning.

Clear the floors: Restaurants are not the only type of business that needs to keep food, boxes, and other items a few feet above the ground. With clear floors, cleaning is much easier and pests have fewer places to hide.

Talk to employees: This may seem obvious, but many employers try to avoid the topic altogether. Make sure that all staff members know best practices.

Prevention just might save your business from an embarrassing infestation! For the best results, contact Stern Environmental Group about commercial pest service including weekly, semi-weekly or monthly treatments.