Will You Get a Welt or Not from a Bedbug Bite?

Will I Get The Moarks?
Will I Get The Moarks?

Good night, sleep tight, and keep an eye out for bedbug bites. Keeping a vigilant eye out for the creepy critters and their bites could really help you curtail a severe infestation.

Did you let the bedbugs bite?

  • Allergic reactions
    Allergic reactions to bedbug bites such as asthma, widespread hives, and anaphylaxis are quite rare, however general allergic hives surrounding bites are not unusual.
  • Rashy reactions
    A range of skin reactions are possible with bedbug bites, which may worsen thanks to sensitization resulting from repeated exposure. Rashy reactions to bedbug bites run the gamut, from flat red spots and small red bumps that itch, to itchy hive-like wheals surrounding punctures, and even blister-like rashes that may evolve to hard bumps.
  • No reaction
    By far the most common reaction to a bedbug bite is – you guessed it – nothing. Simply a tiny, barely visible hole at the location of the bites.

Bedbugs bites have you scratching?
Giving in to the urge to itch is not in your best interest, as indulging in scratching could leave you with secondary skin infections and scars.

As not everyone gets a reaction to bedbug bites, sometimes it can be difficult to know just how bad an infestation is. When you start to see blood drops on your mattress and sheets as well as exoskeleton sheds, it is way past time to treat your problem.

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