Five Things You Never Knew About Groundhogs

Don’t Fight My Pets

Groundhogs do plenty more than just predict the weather. They also destroy gardens, fight with pets, and may even spread disease. They’re cute, but there’s plenty to know about groundhogs:

Groundhogs are diurnal. Unlike opossums and other large rodents who are nocturnal, groundhogs sleep at night and conduct business during the day.

Groundhogs have winter homes. From October to March, groundhogs enter deep hibernation. They even make a special burrow just for the winter! Other small mammals bulk up and become less active during the winter — but groundhogs truly disappear underground.

At home in the trees! They’re called groundhogs for good reason, but they also climb trees exceptionally well. They typically only climb when looking for fruits and nuts to eat.

They outsmart many repellents. Tricks like leaving dog hair around the garden can scare away other garden-eating pests. Groundhogs are smarter than most people realize and quickly figure out any simple deterrents like that.

Groundhogs often bring predator animals to the neighborhood. Foxes, bobcats, and other predators usually know to stay away from humans and their property. However, they might be tempted to come onto your property if they sense wild prey like groundhogs.

Home gardeners and businesses with landscaping know that groundhogs are more destructive than most people realize. Call Stern Environmental for professional rodent control and we can safely trap and remove groundhogs off your property while helping prevent future damage.