What Hoteliers Need to Know About Bed Bugs

Bed Bug Truths
Bed Bug Truths

Consumer concerns and rising numbers of bed bug infestations create a perfect storm of anxiety for hotel and motel operators. Here’s what everyone in the hospitality industry should know about bed bugs:

Local media loves to report on bed bugs: Television news and newspapers seem to report on bed bugs whenever it’s a slow news day. When the news goes online, people share the story on social media with friends and relatives.

Customers are worried: Bed bug problems have left customers worried about hotel stays. With plenty of hotels to choose from, why risk booking a room at a brand linked to bed bugs?

Juries have awarded MILLIONS in bed bug lawsuits: Bed bugs can happen anywhere, but that doesn’t excuse a hotelier for failing to treat a known infestation. Lawsuits often result in huge awards to victims who were bitten and scarred at hotels and motels.

Take action to avoid bad publicity: Hotels should promptly investigate bed bug claims and call for bed bug extermination immediately. If someone posts about bed bugs on Yelp or TripAdvisor, management should publicly respond to the claim to assure customers.

Advanced bed bug control methods are available: Our modern bed bug control includes high-tech, non-toxic methods to eradicate bed bugs safely and quickly.

Unfortunately, bed bugs are naturally drawn to hotels. When you hear a whisper, contact Stern Environmental for fast, effective and discreet hotel bed bug extermination.