The Truth About Squirrels

Squirrels? Boring?
Squirrels? Boring?

Are squirrels boring? They are definitely common and simple little creatures. However, squirrels also have their fair share of strange habits and incredible history. Did you know all of these interesting facts about squirrels?

World travelers! Squirrels call 5 continents their native home. Only Australia and Antarctica do not have native squirrel species.

Ancient civilizations! Squirrel fossils have been found from at least 35 million years ago. The earliest breeds were like the flying squirrels found today.

Weird cousins! The greater squirrel family includes species that are smaller, larger, toothier, and wilder than gray squirrels. Groundhogs and marmots are close cousins.

Long in the tooth! Ever notice how squirrels are always chewing? That’s partly because they must file down their incisors — which keep growing their entire lives.

What goes down… Squirrels are physically incapable of vomiting. They must be careful to spit out whatever they cannot digest.

Sweaty feet. Squirrels sweat through glands on their feet. Hence you may notice little squirrel paw prints on the sidewalk when it’s hot.

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