Is Your Cockroach an Extrovert of an Introvert?

Cockroach Problems
An Introverted Cockroach?

A group of researchers at Université Libre de Bruxelles have discovered that cockroaches actually have personalities and their own individual character traits. While this may not prompt you to keep them as pets, scientists believe it can help reveal what is behind their powerful survival instinct.

The research group conducted a study to observe how cockroaches act when they are out in the open. Several subject roaches were released into a brightly-lit arena featuring two round shaded “shelters”. The conditions played into cockroaches’ aversion to light as well as their tendency to seek protection in numbers.

As explained by lead researcher Isaac Planas, the goal of the experiment was to study behavior and decision-making in a group setting. It was expected that all the cockroaches would quickly gather beneath the shelters, but in reality the time it took varied from group to group.

Some of the cockroaches were more adventurous, tending to spend more time exploring the surroundings, while others were more shy. While one roach’s behavior may have influenced others, each had its own ability to decide, setting cockroaches apart from other insects like ants and termites who maintain a social hierarchy.

This difference in behavior is one of the reasons why a cockroach infestation is so difficult to eliminate. Our team of trained professionals will safely and thoroughly remove all trace of these pests. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

Top Trending Pests for 2015 from the Experts

Trendy Pests
Trendy Pests

As pest control experts, part of our job is to help you anticipate infestations before they happen. New and unexpected species of insects and wildlife might show up and invade your property at any moment.

In addition to the usual suspects, be on the lookout for these bugs and vermin in 2015:

Bed Bugs: Spreading to new kinds of places, bed bugs are becoming a less predictable pest. Hotels and motels aren’t the only source of bed bugs. Stores, restaurants, and healthcare facilities may all become bed bug hot spots, so businesses need to watch out.

Stink Bugs: New York and New Jersey have seen a proliferation of the brown stink bug in recent years. They used to be a problem for farmers, but now they’re a general nuisance for everyone.

Invasive Ants: In addition to the black ants and carpenter ants that have long plagued the Tri-State area, new species are spreading in the area. Pharaoh ants, Argentine ants, and Asian needle ants are some of the non-native ants bothering local businesses.

Roof Rats: These black, long-tailed rats are also called ship rats, and they’ve come to New York and New Jersey ports by boat. Roof rats are great at invading your walls and ceilings.

Protect your business from these growing pest problems with help from Stern Environmental. Get in touch with us to find out about protection programs and 24/7 emergency services.

Weird Insect Facts You Never Wanted to Know

Insect Facts
Insect Facts

Insects are universal and have been part of the planet’s ecosystem since time began. They each have their roll in the environment but when they encroach into our homes, that’s a different matter.

In our part of the world, some of the best-known insects with distinctive personalities and reputations include cockroaches, bedbugs, mosquitoes, bees, ants, spiders, and a long list of “other” insects.

While we may know some of the basic characteristics of insects residing in our area, there are quite a few with fun and interesting facts surrounding some of these same creepy crawlies.

  • Adult bedbugs can go for an entire year without feeding
  • Ants live in colonies that can consist of a half million residents
  • Blondes have more fun especially with mosquitoes who prefer them to brunettes
  • Every spider web is unique with no two ever the same
  • Black widow venom packs more of a punch than that of a rattlesnake
  • Queen ants can live 15 years
  • Honeybees are responsible for more deaths worldwide than poisonous snake bites
  • Citronella hurts a mosquitoes feet
  • Ants do not need to sleep
  • Your bed may hold billions of dust mites
  • Get out of the way of flying dragonflies that can hit speeds of 50 to 60 mph

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NYC Businesses Are Still Plagued by Rats – What Can You Do?

Rats Invading Businesses

Rats have been a major problem in the NYC area for decades. The good news is that a Columbia University student recently calculated that the city has roughly two million of these rodents, which is six million less than previously thought. The bad news is that despite these lower numbers, there are still plenty of them around. In fact, some have been taking over certain properties, including an apartment building in Harlem.

Rat City

The Harlem building is often called “rat city” due to the large numbers of rats that are seen in and around it. The rats gather around garbage bags and have lost any fear of people, making them even more difficult to scare off or get rid of. This problem has residents worried about their safety, since rat scratches and bites can spread infections. The droppings they leave behind can also cause serious health problems.

Getting Rid of Rats

Rats can be tough to get rid of, and they multiply quickly. Business owners with rat infestations should hire NYC rat control experts to remove these pests as soon as possible and keep employees, clients and customers safe. Pest control professionals can effectively eliminate rats quickly and reduce the risk of additional problems.

If your business is in need of NYC rat control, contact Stern Environmental. Our pest control experts will handle your rat problem and take steps to prevent more from coming to stay in your property.

What Kind of Damage Can Raccoons Cause to Your Home?

Raccoon's Do More Damage Than You Think
Raccoon’s Do More Damage Than You Think

Ever watch a movie where the parents go away on vacation, leaving the kids behind, only to come home to a completely trashed house? That’s the kind of destruction you can expect when raccoons take over your home.

Has there been a bash at your place while you were gone?
Signs of a raccoon invasion encompass an array of damage, including…

  • Toppled trash cans.
    How many times do you want to retrieve yesterday’s smelly garbage from your front lawn?
  • The destruction of insulation.
    Costing you thousands in heating and cooling costs, raccoons reduce the effectiveness of insulation by compressing insulation and clearing large areas of it for nesting.
  • Damage to electrical and ductwork.
    Left unaddressed, this damage could lead to fire, water damage and mold.
  • Structural damage.
    Torn out soffit, ripped up flashing, holes in drywall and more.
  • The distribution of urine and feces.
    Turning your home into a giant litterbox, from floor to ceiling, and possibly infecting it with deadly diseases including roundworm, distemper, and rabies.

And that’s just the tip of the iceburg!
Destructive by nature, raccoons can completely destroy your home, shredding everything from your books and toilet paper to your living room sofa, all while leaving a plethora of grubby little fingerprints behind them. Cute? We think not.

Raccoons partying to hearty in your home or business? Contact Stern today.