Minimizing Employee Exposure to Pesticides: Integrated Pest Management

Pests Are The Only Things That Should Be Affected  By Poison
Pests Are The Only Things That Should Be Affected By Poison

When you see pests in your building, you might be tempted to handle the problem on your own with pesticides. However, doing so could end up creating more trouble. Your employees can become ill when you spray pesticides in your building, especially without adequate ventilation.

Instead of risking your employees’ health, look into having Integrated Pest Management (IPM) done in your building. This approach to pest control involves taking steps to prevent pests from entering your building, such as making sure no food is left lying around. Employees should also let you know immediately if they notice any pests in the building.

IPM also involves having pest management professionals use nontoxic forms of pest control to get rid of any bugs or rodents that have found their way inside. For example, Cryonite carbon dioxide snow treatment, which freezes certain types of pests, can be used as a nontoxic method of pest control in many sensitive areas.

When you rely on IPM to keep your building free of pests, you’re ensuring that your employees stay safe and healthy while they’re at work. With IPM, you also don’t have to worry about needing to have your building shut down for awhile in order to have toxic pesticides sprayed. Your employees won’t have to miss out on work when you implement IPM in the workplace.

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  1. You should definitely alert your manager or someone else when you notice a pest problem instead of taking care of the problem on your own. Thanks for sharing!

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