Even the United Nations Isn’t Immune from Bed Bugs

Portrait Of Young Man With Earphone On Black Background
Security Alert – the UN had bed bugs!

In recent news, the United Nations is sympathizing with New Yorkers and their bed bug plights. What brought the delegates on board? Bed bugs detected in the Secretariat building.

How bad is it?
Not as bad as what NYC bed bug exterminators are battling. The issue appears to be confined to a couple of cubicles on the 34th floor of the building. A U.N. spokesman assured the public the “isolated and minor incursion” is under control.

Rapid relocation
Workers effected by the invasion were simply relocated to temporary office space during treatment. Too bad New Yorkers aren’t so lucky.

Share, share alike
Like you, the distinguished ambassadors are probably worrying they’ve brought the unwelcome guests home from work.

No thanks?
Don’t want to share your NYC home with bed bugs? Prevent bed bug headaches:

  • Be a bed bug P.I.
    Get up close and personal with all facets of beds and bedding, especially when you stay away from home.
  • Leave your clothes on the front lawn.
    Following a trip, unpack outside your home. Disinfect or discard bags and put clothing directly into the washer.
  • Know the 4-1-1.
    Learn how to identify bites. Keep mattresses and pillows encased to curtail heavy infestations. If you notice one or two bugs, don’t wait! Call professional help immediately – bed bugs multiply rapidly.

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