Find More About This “Crazy” Ant – the Tawny Crazy Ant

Businessman Listening on Telephone
Send help now, our office has been inundated by ants!

Tawny crazy ant may sound like a creature from a ’50s horror movie, but they’re all too real. While these insects themselves are not actually crazy, they can drive home and business owners to madness with their opportunistic habits.

Here are some facts about this pest that made its way up to the United States from central Brazil.

  • Tawny crazy ants are reddish-brown with a hairless, shiny head. Their colorful name comes from dense patches of yellow hair on their thorax and abdomen.
  • A colony may include several nests and several queens. As the queens leave the original nest to form new ones, the result may be a super colony where workers exhibit a strong sense of community, mixing freely between nests and sharing resources.
  • The ants are omnivorous, feeding primarily on aphids, mealy bugs and other insects that excrete a sugary liquid known as honeydew. They also eat sweet plants such as overripe fruits as well as caterpillars, spiders, termites and even small animals.
  • Their pest status comes from their tendency to infest buildings and greenhouses. Tawny crazy ants are attracted to electricity and sometimes cause equipment failures.

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