Stinkbugs Stymie Pest Control Plans

Stinkbugs Stymie Pest Control Plans
Stinkbugs Stymie Pest Control Plans

Stinkbugs; their name alone conjures up a mental picture of what these pests look and smell like.

About Stinkbugs

They’re small with an unusual and distinctive shape. The odor they emit is similar to coriander, which often times has a pungent citrus smell such as lime or lemon. A stinkbug dispenses the odor whenever it feels threatened.

Stinkbugs are all about eating fruit and vegetables, which makes them healthy and hardy. Considered an agricultural pest, stinkbugs wreak havoc on crops, as well as backyard, container, and vertical gardens.

The presence of stinkbugs in the U.S. is relatively new as they’ve been making their way across America for around 20 years.

Removing Stinkbugs

Removing stinkbugs has proven to be a challenge for growers and researchers trying to find an effective solution to protecting crops.

Multiple areas of research have determined there are several methods to slow down damage to crops using natural methods, pheromone-baited traps, and the help of NJ pest control specialists.

Once stinkbugs invade your garden, they’re residents for life. When fall arrives and winter is close behind, they’ll move from their food source and into your home to hibernate.

When stinkbugs are invading your territory, it’s time to call on professional NJ pest control specialists to eradicate the problem.

At Stern Environmental, we know all about these stinky pests. Give us a call and set up appointment; we’ll take it from there.