Kids Learn About Bed Bug Prevention at School

Bed Bug Prevention Education

As your NJ bed bug specialist, we can tell you that schools can be a great place to pick up bed bugs. We get calls from a lot of parents who suspect that their children brought them home, and now there’s something that schools can do to help stop the spread of these horrific pests.

A new teaching curriculum is now available from the Jacksonville Bed Bug Task Force and the University of Florida, and it’s free of charge. The curriculum is called “Bed Bugs and Book Bags” and it contains 103 pages filled with a teacher’s guide, ten lesson plans, and lots of games and hands-on activities.

The best news is that pilot testing of the curriculum has shown amazing results. Fifth graders have demonstrated the most increases as far as their knowledge and understanding of bed bugs and how to prevent them. In fact, close to half of the people who downloaded this curriculum were not teachers; rather, their focus was on educating adults.

Integrated Pest Management is vitally important, and this new curriculum does an amazing job at it. The more we know about bed bugs, how to identify them, and most importantly how to prevent them, the better our chances will be at eradicating them for good.

If you have a bed bug problem in your home or your office, please contact us, your NJ bed bug specialist for immediate assistance.