Will Argentine Ants Plague NJ Offices Again This Year?

Argentine Ants Make Their Way into NJ and NYC
Argentine Ants Make Their Way into NJ and NYC

Rainy conditions make it likely that Argentine ants could be invading NJ offices this year. These small black ants are among the most common species in the area. Businesses throughout the state should be ready to use NJ pest control services if needed in the coming months.

Argentine Ants Seek Shelter

Rain causes Argentine ants to head indoors for shelter just as humans do, especially during periods when there is a lot of rain. When they’re indoors, they tend to search around for food, which makes them more likely to be seen in kitchen areas and break rooms. However, these ants are attracted to anything that has a sweet scent, including soap, so they can become a problem in bathrooms as well.

The Problems with Argentine Ants

Unlike other types of ants, Argentine ants have more than one queen in their colony. This makes them much more difficult to get rid of. Having more queens means that there are more eggs around, which can lead to high populations in one area. Businesses that have these ants around need professional help in order to ensure that the whole colony has been dealt with. Otherwise, these ants can continue to be a pest problem again and again.

If your NJ office has an ant problem this year, contact Stern Environmental for help. We provide quality NJ pest control services for ants and many other insect pests.