The Top Ten NJ Pest Insects You’ll See This Summer

What Are The Top Pests?
What Are The Top Pests?

Summer is now in full swing, and so are the top pests in New Jersey. You may have come into contact with many of them already and if you haven’t, it’s only a matter of time. There’s no need to worry because your NJ commercial pest control specialists are here to help you.

What pests can you expect to see in New Jersey this summer?

Here Are The Top Ten NJ Summer Pests

1. Achemon Sphinx Moth

2. Acorn Weevil

3. Agapostamon Sweat Bee

4. Ailanthus Webworm Moth

5. Ambush Bug

6. American Bumble Bee

7. American Carrion Beetle

8. American Cockroach

9. American Dagger Moth

10. American Dog Tick

Many of these pests might not be a problem for you, personally. However, they can damage your business and property. Some can also spread diseases.

Ways NJ Commercial Pest Control Specialists Can Help You This Summer

Summer pests can make one of the best times of the year quite difficult for a business owner. You may not be sure what type of pest you’re encountering in your business and you’d be surprised how typical this is.

A quick inspection will identify the type of pest(s) you’re dealing with. At Stern Environmental, we offer inspections and services to deal with your pest problem, and keep them away too.

There’s no reason for you to deal with any of the above pests this summer. Contact us today. Your NJ commercial pest control specialists are on the job!