Why Cryonite Works to Exterminate Bed Bugs Faster and Better

The Cryonite Machine
The Cryonite Machine

When you have a bed bug infestation, getting the best and most current treatment is at the top of your list. Cryonite is a bed bug freeze treatment that actually works, and it stands head and shoulders above chemical treatments. Today, we’d like to share with you about why it’s so effective.

How Does Cryonite Work on Bed Bugs?

It’s been a well-known fact for years that freezing bed bugs is an effective way of killing them, and their eggs. Unfortunately, the technology for this hasn’t always existed. Today we know that Cryonite serves as as excellent option. It involves spraying CO2 snow as a way to treat infected areas. The snow freezes them down to -110 degrees Fahrenheit.

The Benefits of Cryonite Bed Bug Freeze Treatment

There are many reasons to choose Cryonite over chemical methods of pest control. These include:

– The fact that this method is non-toxic. That means you, your family and even your pets will remain safe.

– The fact that this method has proven to be effective.

– The fact that it can be used anywhere in your home.

Bed bugs adapt over time, which means many of them have grown resistant to chemicals. Stern Environmental has thought of everything, which is why utilizing this proven bed bug freeze treatment should immediately set your mind at ease.

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