Selling Your Home Make Sure You Know What to Say About a Bed Bug Problem

Selling Your Home, Make Sure You Know What to Say About Bed Bugs
Selling Your Home, Make Sure You Know What to Say About Bed Bugs

If you’re selling your home, you need to know what to tell people if you’ve ever had a bed bug problem. Real estate laws can be pretty vague, so the more you know, the better. With any luck, you won’t have any problem selling your house, as long as you follow a few guidelines.

Disclosing a Bed Bug Problem

You most likely will not be required to come out and say that you once had a bed bug infestation. Many buyers may not even ask you about it. However, if you are asked, it’s best to be honest. You would want to know if it were you buying a house, right?

It may turn many potential buyers off. However, there are steps you can take to ensure that your house sells quickly, even with a poor history with bed bugs.

Getting the Proper Treatment

It would benefit you to be certain your house is bed bug free. You may even want to opt for real time bed bug monitoring. This is a way that you can prove that your house no longer suffers from the presence of these pests.

At Stern Environmental, we know that the struggle with bed bugs is very real for homeowners in New Jersey and in New York. We can help you sell your house by offering the pest prevention services you need. If you’d like more information, please contact us.

Bad Weather Displace Urban Wildlife Chasing Animals Into Attics and Homes

Hurricanes and Storms May Leave Pests, Rodents and Animals without Homes
Hurricanes and Storms May Leave Pests, Rodents and Animals without Homes

The people of Houston, Texas got more than they bargained for when Hurricane Harvey struck their communities. Not only did they have to deal with the aftermath of the storm, but they also had to deal with displaced animal pests, rodents, and other pests.

For the families in Houston, it caused them many problems that most were not prepared to deal with. While we may not be dealing with the cleanup of hurricane damages in the Northeast, NJ wildlife control is on hand to help with any similar disasters that may occur here.

Help for Displaced Animals and Affected Families

This situation got way out of control for some people in this area. They were inundated with alligators, snakes, fire ants and other creatures. Of course, the animals and insects were at the mercy of the storm themselves. Many of them were looking for higher ground to escape the floodwaters that resulted from the hurricane. However, it was a very unfortunate situation.

How Our NYC and NJ Pest Wildlife Services Can Help Your Family

In the event of a storm in our local area, having to worry about pests and animals in your home or office should be the last thought on your mind. If you are ever in this situation, please know that here at Stern Environmental, we’re available to help you.

It’s comforting to know that you can call on professionals for assistance. If you would like to get more information on our services, please contact us today.

Cockroach Egg Casings – What You Should Know

Do You Know Enough About Cockroaches and Egg Casings?
Do You Know Enough About Cockroaches and Egg Casings?

Have you ever noticed that when you have a cockroach problem, it seems to get out of hand pretty quickly? That’s because these pests can multiply at an alarmingly fast rate. It’s good to know more about their reproduction habits; especially if you’ve been dealing with them in your home. No matter what, please know that your NYC & NJ cockroach exterminators are here to help you.

What You Need to Know About Cockroach Egg Casings

Female cockroaches are capable of producing one egg capsule every week, and each contains between 14 and 16 eggs. During her lifetime, a cockroach will lay anywhere from 15 to 90 egg casings. You don’t have to be a math wizard to know that this can lead to a serious infestation.

How Long do Cockroach Egg Capsules Take to Hatch?

It takes between 29 and 58 days for nymphs to appear from egg capsules. For those inside at room temperature, they will usually hatch around the 55 day mark. This means lots of cockroaches inside your home at the same time, and on a schedule.

Please don’t ignore it if you think you may have a cockroach problem. The issue can be much bigger than you imagine. Your NYC & NJ cockroach exterminators are on the job, ready to tackle this problem for you, and we’ll stop it at the source.

Do you need to make an appointment? Please contact us!

NYC Government Gives Tips on Finding the Right Bed Bug Exterminator

When You Need Help Call the Bed Bug Specialists - Stern Environmental Group!
When You Need Help Call the Bed Bug Specialists – Stern Environmental Group!

Bed bugs are prolific travelers moving into homes, schools, hotels, churches, buses, or anywhere they can get access. This can be through transportation such as luggage, backpacks, briefcases, clothing, etc. or bringing infected items into your home from yard sales.

While bed bug bites aren’t generally harmful unless someone has an allergic reaction, they are annoying because they cause red itchy welts on any part of the body they have access to. While you may think over-the-counter products will rid you of the situation, it’s best to use the services of pest control specialists who can handle the problem from top to bottom and everywhere in-between.


Finding the right NYC bed bug exterminator service is important. These tips are just a few to help point you in the right direction.

* Ask friends and family for any pest control recommendations.

* Use only licensed contractors and insured companies that promote integrated pest management as their level of service.

* Do your homework by asking companies for references.

* Request an inspection and a written report that is signed, dated, and delivered before agreeing to any treatments.

If you’re experiencing a bed bug infestation in your home or commercial property, or you’re concerned you might have a problem with the pests, contact the experts at Stern Environmental. Our experienced NYC bed bug exterminator technicians know how to remedy the problem with proven techniques and treatments.