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Exterminators Should Always Be Licensed Part II Of II

Continuing from Thursday…

Not only is Josimar Ferreira accused of operating a Massachusetts extermination company without being certified, but it has been reported that he has also allegedly maintained pest control companies in New Jersey and New York as well.  Both New Jersey and New York have cited Ferreira for operating an unlicensed pesticide business.  It makes you wonder how he is able to obtain toxic pesticides, without being properly licensed.  Clearly there was a breakdown…in three states!

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Ants Starting to Invade NJ and NY Kitchens

For most people, spring in New York and New Jersey means ants in the kitchen. Beneficial in their natural outdoor environment, when ants invade homes, ants can become a serious problem for home and business owners. Ants live in huge colonies that can number in the millions. While most species dwell outdoors in underground nests, ants often enter homes while foraging for food and may build satellite nests indoors in places such as wall voids, under cabinets or in attic insulation. A long trail of ants leading into a trashcan or food left on a counter is a frequent indication of ant infestation.  

While most ants are classified as nuisance pests, carpenter ants damage buildings, pharaoh ants spread bacteria, and many species contaminate food supplies. By virtue of their tremendous numbers and persistent behavior, even nuisance ants can become an overwhelming problem. If ants invade your home or business, call a pest control professional. Home treatment and garden sprays will just cause ant colonies to split or relocate making extermination more difficult. Ant extermination requires expert identification and pest control treatment.