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Technology Advances Into the Bed Bug Monitoring Arena

Understanding Bed Bug Life Cycles are Important.
Understanding Bed Bug Life Cycles are Important.

NJ bed bug specialists are busier than ever with the increasing influx of bed bugs expanding their populations around the world.

While international traveling is still a top activity, the downside is the exposure guests are experiencing with bed bugs who’ve made hotels their stomping/chomping ground.

New Technology

In Helsinki, Finland, a new product for bed bug detection has been developed by Valpas. The automated safety system is the first of its kind and works on a simple premise. The product is attached to bed legs in hotel rooms to capture the tiny pests that haven’t checked out.

Once they’re caught, hotel staff is alerted by the “smart” leg technology who can then take steps to address the issue before the bloodsucking bed bugs set up permanent residence.

By making this smart technology available to hotels, guests are less stressed when checking in busy hotels that have repeat guests who know the hotel has active bed bug detection.

It’s a win-win situation for both hotels and guests. Hotels can expect more guest traffic due to safety measures and guests get to enjoy a better bug-free experience.

On the home front, if you find signs of bed bugs in your home, you need the help of NJ bed bug specialists from Stern. Our technicians will do a full inspection, then plan an action of attack. When bed bugs arrive, Stern is on your side. Call today.

Bed Bug Invasion? Why Now?

Why Bed Bugs in 2018?
Why Bed Bugs in 2018?

While it’s no secret that NJ bed bug specialists have been busier in recent years, how big of a threat are bed bugs? Is the media adding to the hype, or are there real reasons to worry about bed bug problems being on the rise? Find out more about bed bug invasions over the past few years.

Sincere Threat or Sensationalism?

Bed bug infestations have been reported in increasing numbers, especially within the past five years. While this has raised fears among people that bed bugs are everywhere, it’s important to consider the facts. Although bed bug infestations have been higher, some reported cases have been false. For example, several cases have actually been fleas, carpet beetles and other pests rather than bed bugs.

What Caused the Rise in Infestations?

Bed bugs have been around in higher numbers most likely due to several different factors. One of the most prominent is the banning of DDT, which used to keep bed bug numbers at bay. Bed bugs have been building up a resistance to other pesticides, which is making it more difficult to control them. Fortunately, our bed bug experts at Stern know how to eradicate them with freezing techniques.

If you have an infestation and need help from NJ bed bug specialists, contact Stern Environmental Group. Our experts can eliminate these pests and reduce the risk of them coming back into your home or business.

Why Cryonite Works to Exterminate Bed Bugs Faster and Better

The Cryonite Machine
The Cryonite Machine

When you have a bed bug infestation, getting the best and most current treatment is at the top of your list. Cryonite is a bed bug freeze treatment that actually works, and it stands head and shoulders above chemical treatments. Today, we’d like to share with you about why it’s so effective.

How Does Cryonite Work on Bed Bugs?

It’s been a well-known fact for years that freezing bed bugs is an effective way of killing them, and their eggs. Unfortunately, the technology for this hasn’t always existed. Today we know that Cryonite serves as as excellent option. It involves spraying CO2 snow as a way to treat infected areas. The snow freezes them down to -110 degrees Fahrenheit.

The Benefits of Cryonite Bed Bug Freeze Treatment

There are many reasons to choose Cryonite over chemical methods of pest control. These include:

– The fact that this method is non-toxic. That means you, your family and even your pets will remain safe.

– The fact that this method has proven to be effective.

– The fact that it can be used anywhere in your home.

Bed bugs adapt over time, which means many of them have grown resistant to chemicals. Stern Environmental has thought of everything, which is why utilizing this proven bed bug freeze treatment should immediately set your mind at ease.

Do you have questions about our services? Contact us today to make an appointment.

NYC Government Gives Tips on Finding the Right Bed Bug Exterminator

When You Need Help Call the Bed Bug Specialists - Stern Environmental Group!
When You Need Help Call the Bed Bug Specialists – Stern Environmental Group!

Bed bugs are prolific travelers moving into homes, schools, hotels, churches, buses, or anywhere they can get access. This can be through transportation such as luggage, backpacks, briefcases, clothing, etc. or bringing infected items into your home from yard sales.

While bed bug bites aren’t generally harmful unless someone has an allergic reaction, they are annoying because they cause red itchy welts on any part of the body they have access to. While you may think over-the-counter products will rid you of the situation, it’s best to use the services of pest control specialists who can handle the problem from top to bottom and everywhere in-between.


Finding the right NYC bed bug exterminator service is important. These tips are just a few to help point you in the right direction.

* Ask friends and family for any pest control recommendations.

* Use only licensed contractors and insured companies that promote integrated pest management as their level of service.

* Do your homework by asking companies for references.

* Request an inspection and a written report that is signed, dated, and delivered before agreeing to any treatments.

If you’re experiencing a bed bug infestation in your home or commercial property, or you’re concerned you might have a problem with the pests, contact the experts at Stern Environmental. Our experienced NYC bed bug exterminator technicians know how to remedy the problem with proven techniques and treatments.

Bed Bug Prevention Tips for Hotel and Motel Owners

Bed Bug Prevention Tips
Bed Bug Prevention Tips

Hotel and motel owners have a lot to contend with when it comes to keeping rooms above board and shipshape. One area that owners must deal with quickly and efficiently is a bed bug infestation.

These tiny bugs are a major nuisance once they’ve infiltrated hotel and motel rooms. The bloodsucking pests will wreak havoc on guests who will wake up in the morning with a multitude of itchy bites and red welts. Bed bugs aren’t disease carriers but they can cause allergic reactions for some people.

Bed Bug Prevention Tips

Owners have a lot of remedies at their disposal to eliminate an infestation and ways to prevent an infestation in the first place. Consider these two options to send bed bugs packing.


This non-toxic, poison-free chemical treats bed bugs by using a rapid freezing method. The process uses CO2 (carbon dioxide snow) to kill bed bugs and their eggs. It works fast and effectively, which allows the affected area to be available for use immediately after a treatment.

Bite-Proof Mattress Covers

Consider placing Protect-A-Bed bite proof covers on mattresses and box springs to prevent bed bug infestations.

If you have an existing bed bug problem in your hotel or motel or suspect the possibility of the bugs, contact the NJ bed bug specialists at Stern Environmental. Call us today and be pest-free tomorrow once our NJ bed bug specialists have treated your property.