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Keep Ants Out of Your Office this Summer

Is That an Ant Between Your Computer Keys? Here's How to Keep Ants Out of Your Office.
Is That an Ant Between Your Computer Keys? Here’s How to Keep Ants Out of Your Office.

Ants are common nuisance insects and NJ pest control experts know warmer spring weather means ants are likely to venture out into homes and offices. Luckily, however, with a few proactive steps you can prevent these pests from crawling across your floors and counters.

How to Prevent Unwelcome Insect Guests

Ants searching for food and water often infiltrate occupied spaces, and office kitchens are one of their favorites. They may also be found in bathroom spaces, basements, and near HVAC systems. You can keep ants away by limiting the attractiveness of these sites:

– Keep spills and crumbs contained.

– Store food in tightly-sealed containers.

– Regularly dispose of garbage.

– Seal cracks/holes on the building and around windows/doors.

– Ensure weather stripping is tightly fitted.

– Trim branches/shrubbery well away from the building structure.

– Call for professional help promptly if ants infiltrate the premises.

Know Trouble When You See It

Though most ants are simply bothersome, particularly Argentine ants, a few species of ants can pose a threat to the health of office workers, office property, and building structures, requiring prompt attention. These include:

– Odorous house ants, which can contaminate food sources with the germs and chemicals they emit.

– Fire ants, which inflict a painful sting. 

– Carpenter ants, which tunnel through wood, forming nests that damage building structures.

Ants taking over your office? Give them their marching orders with the help of the NJ pest control pros at Stern Environmentaltoday.

Why Pharoah Ants Are Trouble for Nursing Homes and Hospitals

Businessman Listening on Telephone
Call The PestPro, Our Hospital Has Pharaoh Ants!

They may have an important sounding name but Pharaoh ants aren’t something you want inhabiting your home or business.

It is thought the ant is native to Africa. The story goes the ants may have been mistakenly identified as one of Egypt’s plagues when the pharaohs ruled. Currently, Pharaoh ants are found across America.

Pharaoh Ants Statistics

The 6-legged ant is approximately 1/16 inch long with a monomorphic shape and segmented body. Its coloring ranges from pale yellow to reddish tones. Its abdomen is usually darker in color than its body and often black.

Pharaoh Habitats

These clever ants often use electrical wiring or telephone boxes as their network to travel behind the scenes where nests are nearly inaccessible. You may find them behind baseboards, walls, or under flooring. Colonies can number in the thousands. If you attempt to remove the ants, and fail, they’ll move to another area and create additional colonies. Removing them requires the expert help of a NJ pest control specialist.

Pharaoh Ants and Health

These indoor pests feed on proteins, dead insects, oils, and sweets. They are a major concern due to their spreading over a dozen unhealthy pathogens such as salmonella. Therefore, Pharaoh ants have a particularly bad reputation in hospitals when it comes to patient safety.

With Pharoah ants’ scorecard of more bad than good, contact our NJ pest control specialists at Stern Environmental for an inspection.

A Little History: Fire Ants Came to America on Spanish Ships

The Ants
The Ants

Fire ants. Their name alone is a warning that the pests cause pain. These busy bugs, native to Central America and South America, have been a U.S. resident as far back as the 16th century.

World Travelers

Tropical fire ants are an invasive species. From what researchers have found, world traveling fire ants made their way to the U.S. aboard Spanish ships. Once the ships landed, the ants debarked and set up colonies. Today, it is estimated most of the planet’s tropical regions have fire ants as residents.

Understanding how the ants travel allows more research into processes and treatments used by NYC commercial pest control specialists to avoid, eliminate and remove existing or potential infestations.

Bugs that Pack a Punch

Fire ant bites hurt. Like their name implies, the bite is like a hot burning poker on your skin. When the ant bites, it injects a powerful venom that turns into a red pustule bump that can leave a scar. People who are allergic to fire ant bites can go into anaphylactic shock which needs immediate treatment. If not treated, the bite can cause death.

Fire ants aren’t the type of pest you want settling into your yard or home. If you think you have fire ants, let professional NYC commercial pest control technicians take care of the problem. Contact us at Stern Environmental Group at your earliest convenience to set up an appointment.


Top Trending Pests for 2015 from the Experts

Trendy Pests
Trendy Pests

As pest control experts, part of our job is to help you anticipate infestations before they happen. New and unexpected species of insects and wildlife might show up and invade your property at any moment.

In addition to the usual suspects, be on the lookout for these bugs and vermin in 2015:

Bed Bugs: Spreading to new kinds of places, bed bugs are becoming a less predictable pest. Hotels and motels aren’t the only source of bed bugs. Stores, restaurants, and healthcare facilities may all become bed bug hot spots, so businesses need to watch out.

Stink Bugs: New York and New Jersey have seen a proliferation of the brown stink bug in recent years. They used to be a problem for farmers, but now they’re a general nuisance for everyone.

Invasive Ants: In addition to the black ants and carpenter ants that have long plagued the Tri-State area, new species are spreading in the area. Pharaoh ants, Argentine ants, and Asian needle ants are some of the non-native ants bothering local businesses.

Roof Rats: These black, long-tailed rats are also called ship rats, and they’ve come to New York and New Jersey ports by boat. Roof rats are great at invading your walls and ceilings.

Protect your business from these growing pest problems with help from Stern Environmental. Get in touch with us to find out about protection programs and 24/7 emergency services.

Top Three Ant Pests that Bug NJ Businesses

Pesky Ants
Pesky Ants

Pests come in all shapes and sizes and one of the smallest and most annoying are ants. Not only are they clever, industrious, and master architects,  they can move fast, maneuver into the tiniest crevice, and magicians at infiltrating just about anything and everything.

Types of Ants

Three types of ants you’re likely to see skittering across in a variety of locations such as countertops, sidewalks, driveways, on walls, trees and plants, to name a few, include carpenter ants, pharaoh ants and pavement ants.


While carpenter ants won’t turn down a free meal of goodies, they are most destructive to wood structures. Carpenter ants like to build their nests in hollowed out dwellings where millions – yes millions – create extensive and well-managed and maintained colonies.


Pharaoh ants and their queen run the show when it comes to massive infestations. These nearly translucent pests are bacteria and pathogen carriers making them dangerous. They prefer sweets but will also chow down on fatty food, grease, and insects.


These tiny black bugs are opportunistic feeders and swarm as a group in search of tasty tidbits. They frequently nest under concrete slabs or wedged into cracks and crevices. To eradicate these pests, professional pest control services are the best option.

Contact us at the Stern Environmental Group by mail, phone, or email and let one of our associates help you take care of your pesky pests problem.