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Hotels Can Damage Their Reputation by Not Treating Proactively for Bed Bugs

Hotels Can Damage Their Reputation by Not Treating Proactively for Bed Bugs
Hotels Can Damage Their Reputation by Not Treating Proactively for Bed Bugs

If you’re a hotelier, the worst thing you can do is to leave “treating for bed bugs” off your list of things to do. It’s not enough for you to just treat bed bugs when infestations occur. That method of attack can leave you with a soiled reputation if you have an infestation that gets reported online. Such reports will cause major problems for your business. Fortunately, your NYC bed bug specialists are able to provide you with proactive solutions. For example, bed bug monitors can save your reputation.

How Bed Bug Infestations Get Started

Even hotels with five stars can get bed bugs, because it’s not about how clean your property is. It’s about who may have checked in, and carried bed bugs with them in the process. If one guest brings a few bed bugs into your hotel, you could quickly end up with an infestation, and this is why it’s important for you to be proactive in your approach to monitoring them.

Bed Bug Monitors

There are several different types of bed bug monitors that you can purchase to make checking for bed bugs simple. These traps have their differences, as they effectively trap the bed bugs in a number of unique ways. Using these monitors can quickly alert you to an infestation.

Your NYC bed bug specialists can help you get started with monitoring for bed bugs right away. Contact us!

Technology Boosts Bed Bug Monitoring of the Future

Technology Boosts Bed Bug Monitoring of the Future
Technology Boosts Bed Bug Monitoring of the Future

Bed bugs are the last thing that hotels, nursing homes and other community dwelling places want to see in their beds. Real-time bed bug monitoring is available from Stern Environmental Group, a NYC bed bug specialist company dedicated to controlling and exterminating bed bugs.

Challenging to Remove

Bed bugs are the size of a grain of rice and are causing a great deal of concern among travelers and residents. Traditionally, it has been challenging to monitor for bed bugs manually, resulting in higher employee service and removal costs because the bed bug infestation has been discovered after they’ve reproduced many times over.

Stern’s new technology, the Real Time Monitoring (RTM) Device, can be used to monitor for bed bugs in multiple locations and will send real-time notifications as emails or SMS, which alert employees so they can remove them from bedding and rooms before they have chance to multiply.

How it Works

The small palm-sized device lures bed bugs into its chambers and captures continual images. It can be set to close once the bed bug is lured inside. Once detected, the images are sent wirelessly to an email address or text message.

Contact NYC’s premier bed bug specialist to schedule a demonstration of this exciting Real Time Monitoring technology. Call Stern Environmental Group today, an innovative leader in commercial and residential bed bug treatment for New Jersey and the metropolitan New York City region.

Stern Asked to Test New Passive Bed Bug Detection Monitor

The AP&G Co. (Atlantic Paste and Glue) has asked Douglas Stern of Stern Environmental Group to participate in its early testing of a new passive bed bug monitoring product. The product is called the Bedbug Detection System and is a ingenious and inexpensive way for hoteliers and property managers to monitor for bed bugs.

Profile and size of the new Bedbug Detection System from AP&G.
Profile of the new Bedbug Detection System from AP&G.

The product is a small profile heavy duty cardboard piece that contains dots of glue and is folded over with a gap for bed bug to slide in. The product has a very small profile and conceals any evidence of bed bugs once they crawl inside. The product has no blood meal lure, but provides a “safe” harborage site for bed bugs if they are present.

These small enclosed cardboard monitors can be tucked inside nightstands, underneath drawers, mounted under box springs, affixed to the back of headboards, tucked behind pictures,and  inserted between a mattress and a box spring.

No one need know that there are bed bugs trapped inside until the detection system is cut open for inspection by a pest control professional.

Last night, at the Eastern National Pest Management Show at the  Tropicana Hotel in Atlantic City Douglas Stern met with representatives of AP&G. Specifically Keven Kean, Director of Sales Professional Products, of North America, Jonathan Frisch VP, and  Ed Dolshun, Northeast Region & Canada Sales Manager, they showed him a prototype of this new exciting product.  Mr. Stern found the possibilities and potential cost so attractive and innovative that Stern Environmental was invited by AP&G to start field testing the Bedbug Detection System.

Bed bugs stuck inside the AP&G Bedbug Detection System.
Bed bugs stuck inside the AP&G Bedbug Detection System.

With pending laws in the New Jersey legislature that make property managers responsible for protecting residents from bed bug infestations a inexpensive product has been needed to catch a bed bug problem early. 

Hoteliers will praise the inexpensive cost and extremely low profile of the product as a way to start routinely monitoring all rooms in their property to prevent bed bug infestation and potential lawsuits if a guest is bitten by bed bugs.

This is the most inexpensive monitor on the market with a price tag of just a dollar or two each. With such a small profile these new glue-board monitors can be tucked literally anywhere in an apartment or hotel room. By providing harborage that bed bugs love the monitor allows professionals to catch a bed bug problem early to minimize spread and extermination costs.

Douglas Stern of Stern Environmental Group feels that this new innovative product has strong potential as an inexpensive early warning system and is immediately field testing the product. We’ll keep you posted when we have more information and developments on this new exciting product as we get them. We may even consider selling these products to homeowners in our store.

Currently the product is only being marketed to pest professionals and will be shipping the first quarter of 2010. You can find out more information from the AP&G website at www.CatchMasterPro.com.