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Man Arrested for Assault for Throwing Bedbugs into City Hall Office

Bed Bug Terrorism?
Bed Bug Terrorism?

You can’t fight city hall—at least not by dropping off bed bugs. That’s the lesson recently learned by a 74-year-old man in Augusta, Maine, whom officials charged with misdemeanor assault and government obstruction.

Charles Manning was apparently upset about a bed bug infestation and troubled by a lack of help from local officials. He walked into the Augusta City Center holding a container of more than a hundred live bed bugs, emptying them onto a clerk’s counter. Manning said he wanted them to experience bed bug problems first-hand to feel his pain.

While we can’t condone his actions, it’s easy to feel for Mr. Manning or anyone else with struggling with a bed bug infestation. Just take a look at these photos of bed bug bites.

Don’t Point Fingers, Take Action with Bed Bug Control!

In NYC, the buck stops with landlords and property managers when it comes to getting rid of bed bugs. Respond quickly to reports, before tenants complain to the city or publish bed bug reports online!

Stern Environmental has NYC bed bug specialists who use scientifically advanced bed bug treatments. Cryonite freezes and kills bed bugs—and their eggs—in an environmentally friendly way. It’s safe for apartment buildings, offices, hotels, dormitories, and other commercial properties.

Don’t get mad. Get in the clear with help from NYC bed bug specialists. Contact Stern Environmental for more info about our bed bug treatment services.

Bed Bug Problems Are Surfacing at Movie Theatres

Hey Theater Manager... We Have a Problem.
Hey Theater Manager… We Have a Problem.

Movie theaters are a great place to get away from the summer heat and share an enjoyable experience with friends and family. You want to briefly escape life’s stresses, not pick up new ones and bring them home with you. Unfortunately, movie theaters are an ideal place for those hitchhiking bloodsuckers, known as bed bugs, to attach themselves to the clothing of movie patrons and ride home with them.

A growing problem

The SunHerald recently reported about a bed bug infestation at the Cinemark 16 in Gulfport, Mississippi. Moviegoers say they began itching while at a screening of “Unforgettable” at the theater. The manager gave the patrons some free movie passes and originally thought the problem might be an allergic reaction to cleaning chemicals used in the theater.

The Cinemark 16 is not the first movie theater to have a bed bug problem. Wherever there are people, there is a high probability that bed bugs are either already there or soon will be.

How to protect yourself

The NYC and NJ bed bug exterminators with Stern Environmental have a wide array of bed bug products to reduce the risk of bringing these worrisome pests into your home and to eliminate a bed bug infestation if it occurs. Follow us on social media to stay current on pest control news and contact us for a consultation with one of our NYC and NJ bed bug exterminators.

It’s Bed Bug Awareness Week, June 4-10, 2017

Save the Date It's Bed Bug Awareness Week!
Save the Date It’s Bed Bug Awareness Week!

With bed bug problems on the rise in the NYC area, it’s important for property owners to know what they’re dealing with. During this year’s Bed Bug Awareness Week, Stern Environmental wants to make sure that homeowners and commercial property owners in NYC can identify these pests and understand their options for bed bug control.

Identifying Bed Bugs

How can you tell if you have a bed bug problem? You might see these tiny reddish-brown bugs around, although they’re good at hiding in cracks and crevices. You might also see stains on mattresses and bed linens, but keep in mind that bed bugs are found in many different areas, not just bedrooms. Bed bug bites, which appear as small, reddish bumps, are another telltale sign.

Treating a Bed Bug Problem

What should you do if you have a bed bug problem? While there are many over-the-counter products in stores, these aren’t always effective at eliminating bed bugs. To make sure they’re completely gone, it’s better to hire bed bug control experts.

You can also get rid of these bugs by washing clothes and linens with hot water and vacuuming all floors and pieces of furniture in your home. Using a bed bug mattress cover also helps eliminate these pests and stop them from getting to other parts of your property.

If you need reliable bed bug control, contact Stern Environmental.

Tropical Bed Bugs Resurface Plaguing Florida

What Could Possibly Be Worse Than Our Common Northeast Bed Bugs?

Here in the northeast, we have what’s called the common bed bug, and your NYC bed bug specialist has had to deal with this pest far too many times. However, in the State of Florida, a different type of pest is making a comeback. It’s called the tropical bed bug.

The Tropical Bed Bug

In many ways, tropical bed bugs are a lot like the common bed bug. However, there are some differences. For one, they haven’t been seen anywhere in the United States since the 1940s. There is also some research indicating that tropical bed bugs might be able to reproduce faster than common bed bugs. This means that if a problem is ignored, it could develop into a serious infestation much faster.

The Spread of Tropical Bed Bugs

This type of bed bug prefers warmer climates, which means that if they’ve been found in Florida, they might also be found in other warm states as well. Travel in the United States has increased by leaps and bounds in recent years, and there is a very real possibility that these bugs are hitchhiking with travelers to other states.

As your NYC bed bug specialist, we take bed bug infestations seriously. If you’re traveling to a warm state, please be aware of the possibility of finding bed bugs. Take the proper precautions when you travel, and if you end up with an infestation, contact us!

NYC Government Continues the Fight Against Bed Bugs in Their Own Back Yard

Don't be Negligent! Any Place Can get Bedbugs
Don’t be Negligent! Any Place Can get Bedbugs

Bed bugs are being discovered in more and more places, including New York City’s city council offices on Broadway Street. These irritating insects were found during a standard sweep of the building and an exterminator was called in to stop the infestation before it got out of control.

It Can Happen to Any Company

Though no additional bed bugs were found by the extermination team, the area was treated with an insecticide just to be safe. If bed bugs can get into an area as tightly controlled as the city council chambers for the largest city in America, they likely can find a way into your business as well. Thankfully, as a commercial exterminator, we have the knowledge and equipment to treat bed bug problems in an office or storefront environment.

How a NJ Pest Control Team Can Help Your Business

While you might not think that your business can have bed bugs, it’s possible even for non-residential buildings to suffer bed bug infestations. Just because you don’t sleep in an area doesn’t mean that you’re immune to their itchy, annoying bites. Bed bugs can survive in upholstered furniture and even in walls and carpeting, waiting for unsuspecting humans to sit down so they can start feeding.

If you are interested in learning more about exterminating bed bugs in commercial spaces, get in touch with our team at Stern Environmental by calling 1-888-88STERN (1-888-887-8376).