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University of Minnesota Creates a Retailers Guide to Fight Bed Bugs

Retailer's Guide to Bed Bugs
Retailer’s Guide to Bed Bugs

At Stern’s NYC pest control, we always want to stay one step ahead of bed bugs, and any way that we can help consumers or retailers is a bonus.

To that end, the University of Minnesota has created a retailers guide that gives solid and useful information about fighting bed bugs, and it’s a “must read” for those in the hotel business, hospitals, office buildings, movie theaters and virtually any other place where large numbers of people gather or congregate in a residential or commercial setting.

Here is a basic overview of the article:

Let’s Beat the Bed Bug

• A general history of bed bug infestations and where these pests can be found in both residential and retail establishments.

• An explanation of how bed bugs actually get into a retail store setting.

• Places in retail stores where they are most often found, highlighting both lower risk areas and higher risk areas.

• Prevention and control methods which address clutter, product returns, and what employees and managers need to know if there are bed bug complaints. This section also addresses basic bed bug control and having a pest control company summoned if bed bugs are found.

If you have any questions about bed bugs for your retail business or your residence, please contact us at Stern Environmental Group. We are bed bug experts and have been serving the NYC and New Jersey areas for nearly 20 years.

Is More Research Needed To Control Bed Bugs?

It’s been over ten years since bed bugs began nibbling their way once again from sea to shining sea in the United States.  Today, April 26, 2013 marks the end of Bed Bug Awareness Week.  Where exactly are we at in the fight against bed bugs?

Some states have taken the bull by the horns and have developed laws that spell out the exact responsibilities that landlords and tenants must follow when bed bugs are present in a home.  Some states, such as New York, have seen their bed bug population drop tremendously.  Some states, such as Illinois and Ohio, have seen their bed bug population increase tremendously.

Many strains of bed bugs have proven to be resistant to pesticides that are currently available.  Keep in mind that many pesticides that are currently used for bed bugs and other insects have been re-purposed from pesticides that were once developed for agricultural use.  Despite the widespread availability, store bought bed bug pesticide products have proven to be completely ineffective against killing bed bugs.

Bed bugs are known to carry approximately 50 pathogens on their body.  The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) state that bed bugs are a public health concern, but they remain steadfast that bed bugs do not transmit any diseases to humans.

According to Infection Control Today on April 25, 2013, an interesting study was done by scientists at the University of Cincinnati.  There, the DNA of bed bugs in the Cincinnati area were collected and examined from various residences. The scientists are hoping that their findings about the bacteria that were found on the bed bugs will help to develop pesticides that will one day kill the bloodsuckers.

Entomologists across the United States want more funding for bed bug research, but the reality is that funding will likely still be limited until bed bugs are considered to be more than just a nuisance pest.

Researchers Find That Bed Bugs Cause Harmful Blood Loss

Creepier than the latest horror movie is the newest bed bug study that has been completed by researchers at the University of Florida.

It is not surprising to hear that bed bugs have popped up in random places. For those who are not freaked out by the thought of picking up bed bugs (I am), they are not as diligent about where they place their belongings in a public place, or they may not check a hotel room from top to bottom looking for the bloodsuckers.  The thought of picking up bed bugs for many people is not a big deal.  With these new findings, perhaps their minds will be changed.

According to PHYS.ORG on November 1, 2012, the bed bug study was conducted over a three year period of time.  The disturbing news is that bed bugs can survive and populations flourish by them having less access to human blood than was previously thought.

Here are some frightful highlights from the researchers’ findings:

• In 11 weeks, a pair of bed bugs can spawn enough bloodsucking offspring to cause harmful blood loss in a baby.

• In 15 short weeks, a pair of bed bugs and their offspring can cause harmful blood loss in adults.

• 3,500 bed bugs feeding on a baby can cause serious medical issues.

• 25,000 bed bugs feeding on an adult can cause serious medical issues.

• If not controlled, bed bugs could grow four times more quickly than previously believed.

• Pest control experts must kill at least 80% of any given population in order to gain control over bed bug infestations.

The researchers say that the bed bugs alone will not kill a person, however continuous feeding by this insect, would result in blood loss, can cause a person to become anemic, can cause iron levels to be too low, and can cause other parts of the body to become dangerously stressed.

The findings of the researchers are also published online this month by the journal “Medical and Veterinary Entomology.”

BugStop HotHouse Furniture Bag And Tent

One of the best ways to kill bed bugs is by using heat.  Bed bugs of all stages are susceptible to heat treatment when temperatures reach over 120 degrees. Because of the danger and intensity involved with using heat treatment, it is never recommended that anyone try heat treatment on their own.  As with all types of bed bug treatments, heat treatment should only be administered by a licensed pest control professional.

Always on the look-out for new and innovative bed bug products that will prove to be useful in the war against bed bugs, Stern Environmental Group recently visited a trade show with two new exciting bed bug products that have been created by Amcan Products Inc.

The BugStop HotHouse Furniture Bag is a portable heat treatment unit that is available for pest control professionals.  This unit is frameless and is constructed of special fabric that will hold the extreme heat in that is required to bake bed bugs and their eggs to death.  The unit measures 89 w x 89 l x 47 h.  Using 120V electricity, bed bugs and their eggs are killed in about two hours.  This heat treatment product is great for killing bed bugs that are buried deep inside of furniture, mattresses, or other soft goods.

The BugStop HotHouse Tent is another new product that is available for pest control professionals.  This innovative heat treatment unit will easily treat multiple pieces of furniture and other items that are infested with bed bugs. The unit is portable and will set up in less than 10 minutes.  The special fabric holds in heat while the heating system recirculates its own hot air killing all bed bugs and their eggs.  Pest control professionals can use this versatile unit for homes as well as hotels, shelters, and government housing units.

Let us know what you think about these interesting new bed bug heat treatment products by leaving us a comment.

Bed Bugs Bullying Is Bad News

When bed bugs appear in the work place, employees often become upset and want to know the source of where the pests originate from.  When bed bugs appear at a retail store, establishments are quick to say that the bugs must have come in on a customer.  When bed bugs appear at a movie theater, they are often denied that they exist and quietly exterminated. When bed bugs appear within a school system, kids and even parents can be bullied because of the bloodsucking creatures.

Bed bugs are often associated with a person being filthy.  Although bed bugs do thrive in cluttered areas, they are not like cockroaches which survive in filthy conditions.  Instead bed bugs are hitchhikers that can arrive in any home or establishment at any given time.

10TV.com reported on October 23, 2012 that some parents and kids in a Madison County, Ohio school are being bullied because bed bugs have been found in an apartment building that they reside in.  One bed bug was found in a school library, and a pest control professional provided treatment.  The school is considered to be bed bug free.

The problem arose when a letter regarding the bed bugs was generated to the residents who live in the affected apartment building.  While it is true that two of the apartments that were treated had students that attend the school, not all did.

The trouble with Ohio’s bed bug outbreak is well-known and wide-spread.  There is no way to know if the one bed bug that was found came from that particular apartment building and not from another student or staff member in the school.  When a school singles out a particular population of students and parents, it opens the door for others to blame them for the bed bug found at the school and to bully the families that have no control over the hitchhiking parasites.

When bed bugs are present in a school, it is important for ALL families to be advised and educated about bed bugs and their habits…not just the suspected source of the problem.