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Bed Bug Problems Spread on Social Media Hurting Businesses

Don't Let Bed Bugs Destroy Your Online Reputation
Don’t Let Bed Bugs Destroy Your Online Reputation

The world-wide bed bug infestation continues to rise as the tiny bloodsucking insects invade homes, businesses, planes, trains, automobiles, and any other location that offers a snug environment and readily available food sources.

Another area being hard hit by bed bugs is the hospitality industry. Namely, hotels, motels, inns, resorts, and bed and breakfasts. This includes 2-star to 5-star establishments. No business is safe from the small marauding bugs.

One thing that is adding fuel to the fire about bed bug infestations where hotels are concerned is the negative reviews being posted on popular social media sites. With multiple places available where disgruntled guests can share their bed bug experience with millions of people with an instant post, hotels are losing ground fast and taking a hit financially.

A negative post can have a potential guest think twice before booking a room and this has many hotels scurrying to meet the problem head-on by hiring pest control companies to immediately address the problem.

For residents and business owners who are experiencing an infestation, you need the expert services of a NYC bed bug control specialist. Trying to rid the problem on your own will most likely not be successful.

At Stern Environmental Group, our NYC bed bug control technicians have the experience, products, and the treatments available to rid your property of the pesky pests. Call Stern today and be bug free, tomorrow.

Are Bed Bugs Coming Home with Your Child’s Homework?

Teachers are excited to welcome children back to school in the fall, but the pests that sometimes hitch a ride to school on students or their backpacks have cast an unpleasant pall on the start of the school year. Teachers and students have gotten used to the weekly head lice checks and lectures about hat sharing. But the resurgence of bed bugs has added an unwelcome tension to the start of the school year and made teachers — and students — hyper aware of creepy crawlies in their classrooms.

Because bed bugs are not known to transmit disease, they are classified as nuisance pests. But these tiny insects invoke a huge creep factor. Largely nocturnal, bed bugs creep into their human victims’ beds at night to feed on their blood. Unlike head lice, bed bugs do not live on the human body. Between meals they crawl away to hide in nearby cracks and crevices.

Bed bugs are adept hitchhikers and frequently arrive in schools hidden in the backpacks or clothing of children who live in infested homes. A bed bug sighting can induce panic as it did at Newark High School in Ohio recently when bed bugs were spotted crawling on a student’s backpack. Students were phoning their parents in panic and more than 100 worried parents pulled their children from classes.

Next time: What to do when bed bugs come home from school

Bugs Without Borders Reveals new Bed Bug Information

Manhattan pest control experts know first-hand how bad bed bug infestations can be when they infest a single family home, apartment building, or hotel room.  While it is important to watch for bed bugs in any place that you lay your head, it is also important to watch for the blood thirsty pests in other locations as well, according to reports from the National Pest Management Association.

It’s springtime once again and the release of the new “Bugs Without Borders” from the National Pest Management Association and the University of Kentucky will have some folks in the United States scratching their heads, if not their entire bodies.  The new reports show some daunting statistics for the battle against bed bugs in the United States for 2013.

While some states like New York have seen a decline in bed bug reports this past year, others have experienced an increase in bed bug reports.  This upswing proves that bed bugs continue to spread from state to state via human transport.  In fact, according to the new Bugs Without Borders report, 99.6% of all pest control professionals surveyed reported that they treated bed bugs in the past twelve months!

According to Forbes on April 27, 2013, the Bugs Without Borders report states:

• “75 percent have been called to hotels to treat bed bugs

• 47 percent have found bed bugs in college dorms

• 46 percent have been called to nursing homes

• 41 percent have treated schools and day care centers

• 36 percent have been called to office buildings

• 33 percent have found bed bugs in hospitals

• 21 percent have treated taxis, trains, or buses

• 10 percent have been called to movie theaters”

Bed bugs are able to travel up to 100 feet each night to feed upon their intended victim/s so it is important that a pest control professional be called as soon as the pests are first sighted.

Will Bed Bug Laws Finally Be Established In Connecticut?

Three new proposed Bills meant to take a bite out of bed bugs in Connecticut are currently being considered by lawmakers.  The ctpost.com reported on February 16, 2013 that the General assembly is considering establishing guidelines that will spell out the different responsibilities of both landlords and tenants when bed bugs are present in a rental property or other multi-unit facility. Other Bills that legislators are considering is how bed bug infestations will be handled when they are found in public housing facilities and non-public housing facilities.

The passing of proposed Senate Bill 334, House Bill 5621 and House Bill 5619 is important for all residents in the state of Connecticut.  Perhaps lawmakers can create similar legislation to that which exists in New York.  For the past several years, New York City has experienced a steady decline in the amount of reports of infestations in homes, businesses, stores, hotels, office buildings, and multi-unit housing facilities.

This is not the first time that bed bugs have hit the political arena in Connecticut.  Last year, lawmakers went round and round arguing over who was responsible for paying for bed bug infested rental properties in the state.  Legislators discussed creating a bed bug task force to study ways to control the pests, but it never came to pass.  After much debate a proposed bed bug Bill was passed by the Senate but subsequently died on the House floor.  Everyone is hoping that these new negotiations will yield a healthy balance of good results for both tenants and landlords so that there is a better understanding of who is responsible for what costs, and how things must be handled when it comes to bed bugs in the state.

Bed bugs are a difficult pest to eradicate.  It is always best to call a licensed pest control professional with extensive experience in bed bug removal when the bloodsuckers are present.

Iowa Supreme Court Hears About Bed Bugs!

The Supreme Court Justices in Iowa may be feeling a bit itchy this week as they have begun to hear a high profile skin crawling case about bed bugs!  The case is of such high interest to Iowans that special sessions have been set for the hearings so that more residents will be able to watch the evening proceedings about the bloodsucking pests.

According to the DesMoinesRegister.com on February 19, 2013, the landmark bedbug case was filed in 2010 between 250 tenants of Elsie Mason Manor and Ligutti Tower in Des Moines against the First Baptist Housing Foundation, which serves as the management company for the low income apartment complexes.  In 2011, a lower court granted the plaintiffs wish that the case be converted to a class action case.  The tenants claim that the management company refused to treat the bed bug infested property properly and did not warn tenants about the pests.  Their attorney further argued that the residents lived in “unconscionable and substandard living conditions for years”.

The defendant’s legal eagle has been arguing to reverse the decision of the lower court and have the class action suit halted.  He contends that each of the 250 bed bug cases filed by the tenants should be heard individually instead of together as a class action lawsuit.

It stands to reason that adding 250 individual bed bug cases onto any court’s docket would be exhausting for the judges and staff who work within the court system.  It makes you wonder…if the class action suit is reversed, would the first cases that are heard receive the same time and attention as the last cases that are heard?  It also makes you wonder if hiring a good pest control professional with extensive bed bug eradication experience at the onset of the bed bug infestation problem could have solved the bed bug problem so that the entire lawsuit could have been avoided in the first place.