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Even Disney World is Not Exempt from Bed Bug Infestations and Complaints

Even Disney World is Not Exempt from Bed Bug Infestations and Complaints
Even Disney World is Not Exempt from Bed Bug Infestations and Complaints

Even Mickey Mouse isn’t immune to bed bugs as a New York couple staying at the Disney Vero Beach Resort can attest to. According to Kevin Hamedi and Allyson Masciotti-Hamedi, their room was infested with the bloodsucking pests.

Bed bugs are notorious travelers and with more people crisscrossing the globe, there has been an increase in bed bug activity infiltrating modes of transportation, dining venues, and hotels and resorts.

This couple filed suit against the Disney Company stating that they had failed in their obligations to provide precautions.

Bed Bug Facts

While bed bugs are a nuisance, there is no evidence these pests carry disease. They hide in dark warm places and venture out of their hiding places in search of warm-blooded food, which is you and your sleeping family.

Bed bugs do not discriminate and will make their home in a 5-star resort as easily as a budget-friendly motel.

Their bites can create red itchy welts and for some the bite can cause an allergic reaction.

For the most part, over-the-counter products won’t take the bite out of bed bugs. When they create an infestation, NYC bed bug specialists are needed to eliminate them quickly and efficiently with the right tools and treatments.

Need professional NYC bed bug specialists to take care of your infestation? Contact Stern Environmental Group to schedule an inspection and the best course of action to send bed bugs packing.

The History of Bedbugs Part Two

The History of Bed Bugs
The History of Bed Bugs

Although bed bugs have been part of the environment for thousands of years, during the 1940s and 50s, infestations in the U.S. were minimal. This was due in part to an increased usage of vacuums and washing machines along with available products designed to eliminate the thirsty bloodsuckers.

Increase in the Bed Bug Population

During the 1990s, international travel became more common, which led to bed bugs hiding away in luggage and being transported back into the U.S. to homes and hotels. Anywhere people who had picked them up abroad and then traveled in the U.S. could become a target for bed bugs. This included airplanes, trains, cruise ships, subways, vehicles, and public buses.

Facts and Stats

A survey conducted in 2015 showed 99.6 percent of pest control professionals, including your NJ bed bug specialist, had been contacted to treat bed bug infestations. The percentage was the same for 2013 but was higher than the previous 5-15-year range.

According to experts, the three areas with the highest population of bed bugs include hotels and motels, apartments and condominiums, and single-family homes.

Summer seems to be the season with the most bed bug activity, which means it would be a good time to schedule an inspection with an NJ specialist.

When you’re in need of a professional pest expert, contact Stern Environmental. We have the experienced staff and products to make your space bed bug free.

The Army Shares Tips on Bed Bug Prevention

The Army Shares Tips on Bed Bug Prevention
The Army Shares Tips on Bed Bug Prevention

The bed bug epidemic has reached cities all across the United States. These tiny bloodsuckers have been around for a long time and are not going away any time soon as they are exceptionally good at hitching rides into people’s homes.

A 2013 study published in the journal Nature Scientific Reports found that bed bugs have developed high tolerances to insecticides, so when it comes to bed bugs prevention of an infestation is absolutely the best cure. Once they get into your home or business, eliminating them can be a challenging process. These tips from the U.S. Army and the Long Island bed bug specialists at Stern Environmental can help.

Avoid bringing stow-aways home

Bed bugs do not have wings for flying and are not good jumpers like fleas. They move slowly and are exceptionally good at hiding in the seams and creases of purses, luggage, coats, and furniture. They do not discriminate based on income and have been found in high-end clothing boutiques and luxury hotels. The Army suggests you inspect hotel rooms carefully when traveling and try to store your belongings separately from those of other people.

Protecting your home

Reduce clutter that creates an ideal habitat for bed bugs and vacuum daily to eliminate any strays before they establish themselves. We are the Long Island bed bug specialists. Contact us for everything you need to test for, prevent, and eliminate bed bugs.

Landlords Are Fuming Over New Bed Bug Disclosure Legislation

Even Though the New Legislation Might Fan the Flames Bedbugs Have Caused, It Will Help in the Long Run.
Even Though the New Legislation Might Fan the Flames Bedbugs Have Caused, It Will Help in the Long Run.

If you ever had cause to think about NYC and NJ bed bug exterminators, this may be a good reason. A new bed bug disclosure legislation is about to be passed that requires landlords to “file infestation histories with the Department of Housing Preservation and Development and to either publicly post histories in buildings or distribute them to tenants.”

What this means to you, as a prospective renter of an apartment, is that you will know if there has ever been a bed bug infestation on the property where you are interested in living.

How Does that Make You Feel?

That’s the question landlords are most interested in, and they believe, perhaps correctly, that this type of disclosure will have a negative affect on rental properties. For example, a building that has never had bed bugs as opposed to a building that has had an infestation would be seen as a more favorable place to live, regardless of how long ago or how effective NYC or NJ bed bug exterminators took care of the problem.

Will it Matter?

On the face of things, it shouldn’t matter. If a bed bug problem has been professionally taken care of, there should be no cause for alarm.

However, if you have any questions about bed bug infestation in rentals and what you can do, please contact Stern Environmental. We are the expert NYC and NJ bed bug exterminators.

Bed Bug Problems Are Surfacing at Movie Theatres

Hey Theater Manager... We Have a Problem.
Hey Theater Manager… We Have a Problem.

Movie theaters are a great place to get away from the summer heat and share an enjoyable experience with friends and family. You want to briefly escape life’s stresses, not pick up new ones and bring them home with you. Unfortunately, movie theaters are an ideal place for those hitchhiking bloodsuckers, known as bed bugs, to attach themselves to the clothing of movie patrons and ride home with them.

A growing problem

The SunHerald recently reported about a bed bug infestation at the Cinemark 16 in Gulfport, Mississippi. Moviegoers say they began itching while at a screening of “Unforgettable” at the theater. The manager gave the patrons some free movie passes and originally thought the problem might be an allergic reaction to cleaning chemicals used in the theater.

The Cinemark 16 is not the first movie theater to have a bed bug problem. Wherever there are people, there is a high probability that bed bugs are either already there or soon will be.

How to protect yourself

The NYC and NJ bed bug exterminators with Stern Environmental have a wide array of bed bug products to reduce the risk of bringing these worrisome pests into your home and to eliminate a bed bug infestation if it occurs. Follow us on social media to stay current on pest control news and contact us for a consultation with one of our NYC and NJ bed bug exterminators.