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What Species of Cockroaches Make Their Home in New Jersey?

What Species of Cockroaches Make Their Home in New Jersey?
What Species of Cockroaches Make Their Home in New Jersey?

New Jersey is home to great locals, beautiful sights and picturesque scenery but it’s also home to invasive cockroaches. If you find yourself battling off a cockroach invasion, the right NJ pest control company can fight the war for you and win. What can you do to help aid in the fight? Know the threat!

Getting To Know Your Cockroaches

It’s important to understand who or what is infiltrating your workspace, so the right preventative measures are implemented. New Jersey has various cockroach species. Below are types of cockroaches NJ office pest control experts deal with:

German – These cockroaches are indoor creatures. They like to hang out in bathrooms and kitchens. They are light brown or tan colored and like to scurry rather than fly.

American – Look out for this species with reddish-brown body and trademark yellow figure eight pattern on their head. When these outdoor types forage for food and water they may find their way indoors.

Oriental – This stinky, shining black species love garbage and can grow up to an inch in length. They rely heavily on water sources to survive.

Brown-banded – As their name infers, this species is brown in coloring with banding across their wings. They inhabit warm and cozy attic spaces and love appliances with hot motors.

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Interesting Facts About the German Cockroach

Interesting Facts About the German Cockroach
Interesting Facts About the German Cockroach

When you see a 1/2-inch to a 5/8-inch medium brown bug with two distinctive dark strips running down the back of its head, most likely you are looking at a German cockroach.

Cockroach Facts

You aren’t alone in your sightings as this bug is the most common of the cockroach species found in hotels, restaurants, apartments, houses, and similar buildings.

Several factors contribute to its continued success as a household pest:

– To start with, the female carries a larger number of eggs, which can range from 30-50 per egg capsule.

Cockroaches also have the shortest time span to develop from the moment they hatch until they become sexually active. This means that there is a faster turn around and a higher potential for population growth.

– Because female cockroaches carry the capsule throughout the development of the embryos, the baby cockroaches are not subjected to many of the hazards that other types of nymphs face that are not kept in egg capsules for the duration of their development.

– Baby German cockroaches are small compared to other cockroach species, which allows them better opportunities to hide and survive.

These factors contribute to a fast reproductive cycle adding to the cockroaches already established worldwide population.

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Is Your Cockroach an Extrovert of an Introvert?

Cockroach Problems
An Introverted Cockroach?

A group of researchers at Université Libre de Bruxelles have discovered that cockroaches actually have personalities and their own individual character traits. While this may not prompt you to keep them as pets, scientists believe it can help reveal what is behind their powerful survival instinct.

The research group conducted a study to observe how cockroaches act when they are out in the open. Several subject roaches were released into a brightly-lit arena featuring two round shaded “shelters”. The conditions played into cockroaches’ aversion to light as well as their tendency to seek protection in numbers.

As explained by lead researcher Isaac Planas, the goal of the experiment was to study behavior and decision-making in a group setting. It was expected that all the cockroaches would quickly gather beneath the shelters, but in reality the time it took varied from group to group.

Some of the cockroaches were more adventurous, tending to spend more time exploring the surroundings, while others were more shy. While one roach’s behavior may have influenced others, each had its own ability to decide, setting cockroaches apart from other insects like ants and termites who maintain a social hierarchy.

This difference in behavior is one of the reasons why a cockroach infestation is so difficult to eliminate. Our team of trained professionals will safely and thoroughly remove all trace of these pests. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.