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Cornell University Launches Lost Ladybug Project

Cornell University Launches Lost Ladybug Project
Cornell University Launches Lost Ladybug Project

Ladybugs are a topic of conversation in the news as it seems in North America, the tiny red coat with black spots insect is not increasing its numbers.

The Ladybug Mystery

The reason the ladies are becoming rare in our part of the world while other countries are seeing increases in population and range is a mystery. Unlike bed bugs that are avid globetrotters, that doesn’t seem to be the case with ladies in North America.

The Lost Ladybug Project

In an effort to help save, support, restore and repopulate ladybugs in North America, the Lost Ladybug Project was started and is well on its way to making a difference.

The point of the project is to collect as much data, through photographs, as possible from people across North America. Doing so provides important information on what type of ladybugs are still making an appearance and where. Even if you’re searching and find none, they want that information too.

This project is a learning experience for everyone with resources available and instructions on the safest way to catch, photograph, and release them.

Ladies play an important role in our gardens, so, we don’t want them to disappear.

As of May 7, 2018, a total of 38,385 ladybug pictures have been submitted and added to the ongoing data being collected.

For help with bed bugs, cockroaches, and other pests, contact Stern Environmental. We’re here to help.

Three Fun Facts About Lady Bugs


For today’s post, we thought we’d take a little break from the doom and gloom of the growing bedbug epidemic and talk about ladybugs. Just about everyone loves them, and they’re so pretty to look at, but do you know much about them? Here are three fun facts you might not have known before.

Fact #1: Ladybugs keep your garden healthy – That’s right! If you have plants in your office, or a growing flower garden, don’t try to get rid of the ladybugs you see there. They actually get rid of the insects you don’t want, so in a way, they are nature’s own pest control specialists.

Fact #2: Ladybugs can bleed from their knees – This is probably a defense mechanism, but ladybugs have hemolymph, which is a fluid in their knees that seeps out when they get startled. It can make them appear to be sickly, and it smells terrible.

Fact #3: Ladybugs can become cannibalistic – A hungry ladybug isn’t likely to wait long for a meal. They eat a lot of insects; as many as 50 aphids a day! So, when a ladybug is hungry, there’s no hesitation when it comes to eating a weaker or younger ladybug who can’t defend itself.

Ladybugs really are cute, and it’s great that they’re so good for your garden and plants. However, there are plenty more insects out there that aren’t. If any of them are bugging you, contact us today!