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Rodent Expert Says Rat Populations Are Silently Growing Out of Control

Slow and Steady, and the Rat Population Grows out of Control.
Slow and Steady, and the Rat Population Grows out of Control.

Out of sight and out of mind can lead to an increasing rat problem, according to rodent expert Robert Corrigan. He has a doctorate in urban rodentology from Purdue University and says rat populations are growing largely unnoticed along the entire eastern seaboard of the United States. Corrigan said many people in cities and towns from Boston to Washington, D.C. don’t even realize they have a rat problem. Going unnoticed by humans helps rats live longer, breed more often, and grow in number.

Rats exploit human imperfections

In an interview with The Westerly Sun, Corrigan said rats congregate near riverbanks and trash dumpsters. The rats then move into neighborhoods and people don’t notice that the rodents have invaded. When restaurant employees are negligent about maintaining their dumpster area or keeping the kitchen clean, the rats move in. According to Corrigan, homeowners who don’t maintain their yard or have clutter also unwittingly invite rats into their home. The rats take advantage of these imperfections in human behavior.

What can you do?

Many businesses benefit from our innovative Smart Mouse Monitoring. This innovative and environmentally friendly solution goes beyond just putting a band-aid on the problem. You can identify rodent entry points and block them off to stop future problems. Contact us for more information. We also provide traditional mouse eradication services and mouse inspection services to restaurants, other businesses, multi-family units, and homes.

Top NYC Pests that You Are Sure to See This Winter

Top NYC Pests that You Are Sure to See This Winter
Top NYC Pests that You Are Sure to See This Winter

Although pests might seem to be more active in summer, they also keep NYC pest control experts busy during winter. Some types of pests are more commonly found inside buildings when the weather gets colder. Here are some of the pests you can expect to see this winter.


Mice like to make their homes inside walls and other parts of building interiors in order to stay warm and have easy access to food and water. These rodent pests can get into food supplies and even spread germs that could make building occupants sick. It’s important to take steps to get rid of mice and prevent them from coming back.

German Cockroaches

German cockroaches are one of the most common pests in the NYC area. Unlike some other types of bugs, cockroaches don’t spend the winter months hibernating. This means you might see them inside your building throughout the season. These pests can spread disease and cause other health issues.


Silverfish are thin insects that like to feed on books, clothes and other items. They don’t make people sick, but they can destroy property. It’s crucial to have silverfish infestations dealt with promptly to prevent property damage.

If you end up with a pest problem in your building this winter, our NYC pest control professionals are here to help. Contact Stern Environmental to learn more about our services.

How To Prevent Rodents From Taking Refuge In Your Properties This Winter

Don't Let Mice and Rats Move In
Don’t Let Mice and Rats Move In

We can handle a rodent infestation swiftly and humanely, but everyone would prefer to keep mice and rats out of their office and grounds in the first place. Here are some tips to prepare as rodents begin approaching your property this fall:

Are you feeding rodents?

Mice and rats are opportunistic eaters—they’ll eat just about anything when hungry, especially when preparing for the New Jersey winter. Seal away pet food and human food in hard, airtight containers because rodents will chew through bags.

Seal off entry points

Mice and rats can squeeze through tiny openings. Use steel wool to plug holes and add plaster or wooden boards wherever necessary. Call us to inspect and find potential entry points if you have trouble finding them.

Don’t provide shelter

Many restaurant and business owners accidentally provide rodents with the perfect shelter. Cut any grass or weeds around your foundation. Don’t let lumber or stacks of cardboard sit around inside or next to the facility or building.

Know the signs of rodents

If you can identify the signs of rats or mice, you can act quickly and call us for control and removal solutions. Look for droppings, urine stains, and signs of chewing and eating. Another method is to scatter flour near potential hiding places and check for tracks later.

Had rodent problems before? Afraid they’re already inside? Call Stern Environmental for fast, safe, professional rodent control immediately.

Innovative Mouse Control System Outsmarts Mice

If you find a mouse in your NYC or NJ building, you can be certain that he’s not alone. As they scamper through your building or warehouse, mice lay down pheromone trails in their urine for their buddies to follow. When mice invade, it takes more than setting out a few traps to get rid of them.

Mice are able to slip through tiny cracks no bigger than a dime. They can follow wires and pipes, travel through sewers and scurry through air vents to gain access to your commercial building. To permanently rid your building of mice, you must first figure out how they are getting into the building and block that access or be prepared to endure a steady stream of these disease-spreading rodents.

An innovative new product called Track & Trap mouse control system outsmarts mice by using their own behavior to reveal rodent entry points and travel pathways. The system uses special bait stations laced with a fluorescent powder that sticks to the rodents’ feet and bodies. When mice leave the bait stations to return to their nests, they leave glowing footprints that are visible with a special UV light. Following these trails, mouse control experts are able to find and remove nests and permanently block mouse access to your building.

Don’t put up with invading mice. Schedule rodent control review today.

When Mice Invaded the White House

President Obama recently had a problem with cockroaches in the White House, but he’s not the first resident of the 213-year-old building to have a pest problem. It’s worth chuckle today, but back in 1977 when mice invaded the White House, President Jimmy Carter wasn’t laughing.

According to a humorous National Journal account, the White House rodent battle is legendary. In a typical governmental snafu, a turf war between two federal agencies turned a small problem into a huge headache.

Responsible for maintaining the interior of the White House, the General Services Administration told the President it had eliminated all inside mice and insisted that new mice had come from outside the building, making them the responsibility of the Interior Department which manages the building’s exterior maintenance. Interior said its hands were tied because the mice were now inside the building and out of its jurisdiction.

The pest control problem came to a head when mice started running across the President’s desk and the smell of dead mouse cast a pall over the Oval Office. An irritated President told agency heads to solve the problem or risk being fired. An epic two-month battle ensued and 61 mice were caught before peace again reigned in the White House.

The moral of the story? When mice invade, call Stern for expert commercial mouse and rat extermination.