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HUD’s New Guidelines For Public Housing Authorities In the USA Part 1 Of 2

Any confusion as to who is responsible for a bed bug infestation within any public housing facility may now be put to rest.  The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) has created new bed bug protocol that will protect the tenant and the landlord that will go into effect immediately.

It has been recommended that Integrated Pest Management (IPM) plans be implemented to help control bed bugs as well as other types of household pests and HUD is strongly encouraging Pubic Housing Agencies (PHAs) to incorporate a good IPM plan.  According to HUD, the procedures include:

“Raising awareness through education on the prevention of bed bugs.

Inspecting infested area, plus surrounding living spaces.

Checking for bed bugs in luggage and clothes when returning home from a trip.

Looking for bed bugs or signs of an infestation on secondhand items before bringing the items home.

Correctly identifying the pest. Keeping records indicating dates and locations where pests are found.

Cleaning all items within a bed bug infested living area.

Reducing clutter where bed bugs can hide.

Eliminating bed bug habitats.

Physically removing bed bugs through cleaning.

Using pesticides carefully according to the label directions.

Following up on inspections and possible treatments.”

In the new guidelines, PHA must respond to complaints of bed bugs within 24 hours and discuss what measures will be taken to get rid of the pests with tenants.  Inspection of the unit in question, as well as the units above, below, and on the sides must also be performed within three business days.  If bed bugs are not found, re-inspection must be completed periodically over the next several months.

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It’s Bed Bug Awareness Week! Part 2 Of 2

Continuing from Wednesday…

• Always keep your luggage zipped shut.  For added protection, consider using the BugZip Luggage Bags and Zippered Hotel Drawer Liners Bags when you travel.   You’ll have the added peace-of-mind knowing that you have done all you can to avoid bringing bed bugs home from your vacation if you properly secure your luggage or seal your belongings in these zippered encasements when you use a hotel/motel dresser.

• What you do upon your arrival home could make the difference between having a bed bug infestation and not having a bed bug infestation in your home.  NYC pest control experts recommend that all luggage be emptied outside of the home.  Bed bugs cannot stand the heat so all clothing should be placed directly into the washing machine (clean or dirty) and washed on the hottest temperature setting.  All clothing should then run through the dryer on the hottest temperature setting to kill any hitchhiking bed bugs or their eggs.

• Luggage should be carefully vacuumed (inside and out), paying particular attention to the zippered areas and folds in the luggage.

• In locations known to have hot temperatures, placing the luggage in a sealed trash bag and placing it in the sun will help kill any bed bugs that could have been missed during vacuuming.

• Store the luggage in a sealed trash bag in the garage.

Despite your best efforts, you still may be unlucky enough to bring bed bugs home with you this summer.  Bed bugs are not a do-it-yourself type of pest that can be handled with a bug bomb or other type of store bought chemical.  Bed bug treatments require a trained professional with specialized equipment and knowledge of eradication procedures.  For expert bed bug extermination service in Secaucus, New Jersey, the greater New York City Metro areas, and Connecticut regions, contact Stern Environmental Group.  Our trained technicians will offer the best alternatives for fast bed bug eradication.

It’s Bed Bug Awareness Week! Part 1 Of 2

April has been designated as National Pest Management month by the National Pest Management Association (NPMA).  The Professional Pest Management Alliance (PPMA), is the “consumer education arm of the National Pest Management Association” which provides information to consumers about “the value of our industry and our ability to protect health, safety and property” according to the NPMA’s website.

Recognizing that bed bugs are still a major problem throughout the United States, the PPMA has designed the last week of the National Pest Management month to be “Bed Bug Awareness Week”.  In such, they would like to remind consumers to be vigilant in their quest to avoid bed bug exposure this summer travel season.  The PPMA recognizes that having knowledge about bed bugs, their habits, and their harborage will help consumers avoid bringing the blood thirsty pests home with them this summer.

Stern Environmental Group is a leading authority on bed bugs.  We have extensive experience with bed bug eradication and offer a multitude of bed bug products to help consumers remain bed bug free.

Stern would like to offer some reminders for safe and bed bug free traveling this summertime:

• Check for bed bugs in any hotel or motel upon your arrival. Carefully examine the entire bed, headboard, furniture and room.  Remember, even 5 star hotels can have bed bugs at any moment in time!

• Check for bed bugs when visiting a relative’s home.  Having bed bugs is not a sign of uncleanliness.  Anyone can pick up bed bugs from any location.

• Use the luggage rack in a hotel/motel.  Never place your luggage on the bed or carpeted floor areas.  The slick surface of the bathroom is also a good area to store luggage.

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Protection With Protect-A-Bed

Anyone who has ever had bed bugs in their home can attest to the massive trouble that they bring.  Sleepless nights are a common complaint among customers of NJ pest control professionals.  Out of desperation to rid their homes of the blood thirsty pest, some people try store bought pesticides only to find that they only kill sporadic bed bugs on contact.  Others unleash store bought bug bombs on the bloodsuckers.  Homeowners soon realize that bug bombs are the worst product for bed bug usage as they drive the bed bugs deep into hiding in the cracks and crevices of the home instead of killing the bugs. There are many products available at Stern Environmental Group that will help consumers and pest control professionals get a handle on bed bug infestations in homes, hotels and other business establishments.

Bed bugs are commonly found living in the seams of mattresses and within the confines of box springs.  While experiencing an infestation or if you are concerned about encountering bed bugs, searching for the bloodsuckers in these locations on a regular basis can be a tiresome task.

The Protect-A-Bed Bed Bug Bite Proof Encasements are the perfect time-saver as they make any wandering bed bugs easy to spot.  These mattress encasements are seamless so bed bugs are unable to hide and multiply in their normal locations.  Unlike other types of mattress covers on the market, the Protect-A-Bed products have a patented BugLock zipper enclosure that permanently locks in any bed bugs and their eggs.

The easy installation and long term protection makes these covers the best alternative for hotels and consumers alike.  At Stern Environmental Group you will find a full line of Protect-A-Bed products for the crib, twin, full, queen, and king size bed.  It is our goal to help you achieve a good night’s rest, without bed bugs biting!

Bed Bugs Cause People To Do Crazy Things

Being on the dinner menu for bloodsucking parasites is an un-nerving proposition for most folks.  Once people realize that bed bugs are in their home, it is not uncommon for panic to set in.  Panic can lead to people to doing crazy things in an effort to not be bitten by bed bugs.  DanburyPatch reported on January 4, 2012, that a bed bug educational meeting was hosted for parents by the Danbury School system after they learned that a parent had washed their child’s hair in kerosene to kill bed bugs this fall!  You may read the article here.

In another story, WWMT.com reported that a Kalamazoo man accidentally caught his bedroom on fire and forced the evacuation of his apartment complex when he was looking bed bugs in his box spring.  According to the report, lacking a flashlight to investigate, the man used a lighter to look for bed bugs in his newly purchased box spring.  The lighter accidentally ignited the bed causing damage to his apartment. You may read the article here.

Desperate American’s have used bug bombs to try to kill bed bugs, which have proven to make them spread from room to room.  People have washed their children in gasoline and insecticides in an effort to avoid being bitten by bed bugs at night.  In addition, some people have even used outdoor pesticides indoors on their bedding and other areas in their home to try to kill the bloodsuckers.  These remedies have all proven to be dangerous and are not recommended by the CDC as they have made many people ill.

For NYC or NJ bed bug infestations, the best way for achieve full eradication is to hire a licensed pest control professional with extensive experience in bed bug removal services. For fast and accurate service in New York or New Jersey, contact Stern Environmental Group.