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Pest World’s Videos on Rodents Puts the Problem in a New Perspective

Identifying the sources that attract rodents is the first place to start in eliminating these pests in and around your property. The three things you need to take care of are their access to food, water, and places to build their nests.


Don’t leave pet food bowls available for rodents. Keep countertops free of spills and crumbs and store food packages, such as crackers and cookies inside non-edible containers. Also, store your pet’s food in heavy-duty containers.


Rodents need water. Remove all sources such as pet water bowls or half-empty glasses.


Clutter, such as cardboard boxes, is a rodent’s best friend. Use plastic containers and don’t allow clutter build-up on the floor.


Things you can do to prevent an infestation includes maintenance, such as sealing and caulking around cracks and crevices, adding a rubber seal beneath doors that rodents can slip under, using steel wool or other products rodents can’t chew through around indoor and outdoor piping, and filling gaps around washing machine vents that are easy entryways into your property. You can also use the expert services of an NYC rodent exterminator to handle the problem quickly and efficiently.

No one wants rodents lurking and nesting inside or out as rodents are disease carriers and they can damage your property. When you need professionals on the job, contact Stern. We’ll send an NYC rodent exterminator who’ll take care of business.

Integrated Pest Management – The Best Defense is Prevention

Our Integrated Pest Management Can Prevent Infestations in Your Home or Business
Our Integrated Pest Management Can Prevent Infestations in Your Home or Business

Keeping a building safeguarded against insects and rodents is an ongoing job but one that can be easily managed by facility managers with an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program.

About Integrated Pest Management

As managers responsible for the cleanliness of a building already know, ensuring a high level of sanitation is a daily process. To help managers stay on top of the frequent issues that arise with building cleanliness and the prevention of pests, a short checklist can ensure a smooth running operation.

– Inspection – your first step in securing the integrity of the building’s cleanliness is a thorough inspection. Facility managers should look for any areas in need of repair such as the roof, vents, and other entry points that rodents and insects can squeeze through.

– Partner with a local NJ pest control company to inspect areas that could be potential pest-friendly hide-outs.

– Landscaped areas are also a cozy place for nesting pests and hideaways for foraging rodents.

– Storage areas, trash bins, and dumpsters are areas that need to be regularly checked.

– Entryways are an easy way for pests to get inside if there are gaps that need sealing.

– Facility cleaning crews should be kept up-to-date on proper cleaning methods.

For help with pest prevention, our professional pest control technicians are ready to tackle any problems. To schedule an inspection with our team of NJ pest control specialists, contact us at Stern Environmental Group.

Insect-Based Foods – Crunchy But Will You Eat Them?

Will You Add Insect Based Foods to Your Dinner Table?
Will You Add Insect-Based Foods to Your Dinner Table?

You may be aware of the fact that people in other countries regularly munch on insects. In some cases, they’re considered a delicacy. In other cases, they’re a part of the everyday fare. However, in the United States, this is considered to be pretty abnormal. But brace yourself, because insect trends of using them as food are starting to become more commonplace.

The Start of a Business Centered on Insects as Food

Harman Johar, a student from the University of Georgia actually started his own business that offers insects as food. His business concept started because of work he did as an entomology student. His goal is to change people’s perceptions of insects as tasteless.

Johar feels that it’s important for insects to be raised organically. He does so himself, raising many of them in his own apartment. He feeds them organic oats and produce. Currently, he has the market cornered, and his customers are both private individuals and businesses.

Can You Get Past the Mindset of Eating Insects?

Is it possible that consuming bugs is going to be one of the hot new insect trends? Johar insists that it’s a matter of changing your mindset.

You may never be able to eat a bug. It’s possible that you’re more focused on getting rid of them if you have an infestation. Stern Environmental can help you with that. Contact us to learn about our services.

Urban Wildlife: The Cuteness You’d Better Keep at an Arm’s Length

Wildlife are Cute, but Beware the Diseases they May Harbor.
Wildlife are Cute, but Beware the Diseases they May Harbor.

While wildlife may be cute, interesting, and fun to watch, NJ wildlife pest control specialists will tell you that it’s best to keep critters at a safe distance. Animals live in the wild, but unfortunately, their habitat areas are slowly being encroached upon by humans in their quest to construct new buildings. This pushes wildlife into human areas where they must compete for food, warmth, and safe nesting places to give birth and raise their young.

Negative Side Effects

In their desire for a new place to live, wildlife often finds ways into a home or business. Whether it’s in a crawl space, in the attic, a storage shed, or inside a porch, their presence can result in damage to the property as well as subjecting humans to pests, such as fleas, mites, and ticks, and a long list of diseases such as rabies, ringworm, encephalitis, toxoplasmosis, mumps, and more.

Positive Problem Solving

The most common wildlife seen in communities include rats and mice, skunks, groundhogs, pigeons, opossums, raccoons, feral cats, and squirrels. While you may want to attempt to remove wildlife to another location on your own, it’s best to leave this part to the professionals.

If unwanted wildlife shows up, contact our NJ wildlife pest control technicians as soon as possible. We have the experience and the proper methods to safely remove pests that have set up residence in your home or business.

The Top Ten NJ Pest Insects You’ll See This Summer

What Are The Top Pests?
What Are The Top Pests?

Summer is now in full swing, and so are the top pests in New Jersey. You may have come into contact with many of them already and if you haven’t, it’s only a matter of time. There’s no need to worry because your NJ commercial pest control specialists are here to help you.

What pests can you expect to see in New Jersey this summer?

Here Are The Top Ten NJ Summer Pests

1. Achemon Sphinx Moth

2. Acorn Weevil

3. Agapostamon Sweat Bee

4. Ailanthus Webworm Moth

5. Ambush Bug

6. American Bumble Bee

7. American Carrion Beetle

8. American Cockroach

9. American Dagger Moth

10. American Dog Tick

Many of these pests might not be a problem for you, personally. However, they can damage your business and property. Some can also spread diseases.

Ways NJ Commercial Pest Control Specialists Can Help You This Summer

Summer pests can make one of the best times of the year quite difficult for a business owner. You may not be sure what type of pest you’re encountering in your business and you’d be surprised how typical this is.

A quick inspection will identify the type of pest(s) you’re dealing with. At Stern Environmental, we offer inspections and services to deal with your pest problem, and keep them away too.

There’s no reason for you to deal with any of the above pests this summer. Contact us today. Your NJ commercial pest control specialists are on the job!