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What to Know to Keep Raccoons Out of Your Attic this Fall

Our One Way Tunnels Let Raccoons Out and Not Back Into Your Attic
Our One Way Tunnels Let Raccoons Out and Not Back Into Your Attic

Cooler weather is on its way, and with it urban wildlife, such as raccoons, are moving into area residences and businesses. How can you keep these smart, agile creatures away? The NJ raccoon removal experts at Stern Environmental have a few tips and tricks.

Physical Barriers to Keep Raccoons Out

Nothing short of a prison-grade fence will keep raccoons out of your yard. However, by sealing off easy entry points you can prevent them from taking over your attic. Raccoons fit in gaps as small as 4-inches, so sturdily securing openings around vents, soffits, and roofing is crucial. Heavy material such as metal flashing, sheet metal, or wire mesh should be securely attached to prevent raccoons from tearing off materials.

What to Do If Raccoons Gain Entrance

If raccoons move in, careful removal is essential. Though raccoons can cause serious damage, they also carry rabies and can become aggressive if cornered or with young. Luckily, many will move if given the chance. You can safely deter them with humane harassment tactics:

• Bright Lights

Place bright lights inside/outside their den.

• Talk Radio

Talk radio (not music) mimics human activity.

• Used Litter

This scent deterrent warns of predators.

Verify removal with a ‘newspaper test.’ Never attempt physical removal. If raccoons refuse to vacate, get professional help.

Raccoons making your attic a long-term residence? Move them out fast with the NJ raccoon removal services of Stern Environmental today.

Raccoons Are Dangerous When They Move Into Your Home!

Don't Let Rodent Pests Make Your Home Their Home.
Don’t Let Rodent Pests Make Your Home Their Home.

Most folks are entertained when watching masked bandits in a movie, but when the four-legged variety invade your home, that’s a different story. Raccoons are cute with their black masks and fun to watch their fastidious ways when cleaning their paws, but the fact is they cause damage.

Raccoon Renovation

That’s right. When raccoons move into your home whether it’s the basement, attic or garage, you have a problem that could result in needed renovations to insulation, wiring, cables, flooring, or anything else raccoons can chew on or foul due to using the area for nesting and bathroom facilities.

Many people don’t realize that raccoons are very adaptable. They can move into an urban or suburban community with ease. As long as there’s access to water and food sources as well as a place to nest and be protected from harsh weather, they’re like relatives who come to stay indefinitely.

Raccoon Intervention

As with any wildlife, whether they’ve moved into your home or set up housekeeping in your yard, it’s always best to hire NJ and NY raccoon removal professionals. These specialists have the knowledge and equipment to safely and humanely remove the animals out of your home.

When you have wildlife using your address as home, it’s time to call in specialists for NJ and NY raccoon removal. At Stern, we have the experts who can send your resident wildlife packing. Call us today!

Raccoons: the Pests That Know No Season

NYC Raccoons
Call Stern Environmental to Safely and Humanely Remove Raccoons

Raccoons – they’re cute with their signature masked bandit eyes, and clever and wily when it comes to surviving. The most important point is they are wild.

Raccoon Stats

An adult raccoon can grow to approximately 2 to 3-feet in length including their ringed tail. Their body is stocky with a mixture of salt, pepper, and gray fur. They have white tipped ears, black nose, and paws with five individual digits. These work great for riffling through a garbage can.

Raccoon Habits and Habitats

Raccoons prefer forested areas near a water source but are found in abandoned buildings, sheds, burrows, or in the hollows of trees.

They are omnivores with a menu featuring fruits and berries, insects, mice, fish and bird eggs.

A female usually has one litter of 3 to 5 kits each year. Raccoons have an average life span of 12 years.

Raccoon Safety

Found throughout the US, raccoons are a major threat when it comes to rabies. With this in mind, removal of raccoons requires the professional services of a NYC pest control technician who can remove the animals safely.

Raccoons can also cause property damage by tearing up shingles and boarding in an attempt to enter your attic or chimney while searching for a den for their young.

Our NYC pest control technicians at Stern Environmental have the means to safely and humanely remove raccoons. Call us today to schedule an appointment.

What Type of Damage Can a Raccoon Do in Your Attic

There are few wildlife scenes more adorable than spotting a furry, bandit-masked raccoon crossing your path. However, the cuteness wears off fast if this scene happens in your attic. These animals are becoming more comfortable in urban settings and love setting up camp in places like your nice warm home.

Raccoons won’t wait to be invited inside. They’ll work their way in by prying shingles loose or working off a piece of siding. Once inside, they prove to be inconsiderate house guests. They have a fascination with ducts and take no time to tear one apart. Insulation is no match for their wicked claws and their sharp teeth can do serious damage to wiring.

Then there are the hazards they create without even trying. Raccoons can harbor a wide variety of germs and diseases, including rabies, roundworm and distemper. As they scatter their droppings throughout an attic, they increase the probability of infecting any items being stored inside. Their urine, while also a health hazard, can be as destructive as a water leak.

The licensed professionals here at Stern Environmental Group are well-qualified to provide humane raccoon removal on a 24-hour emergency basis. We can also offer a thorough clean-up and disinfection of the affected area for the safety and protection of your family and pets. Contact us today for more information.

Rodents Invading Your Attic Mean Trouble

The winter months are fast approach on the east coast and humans are not the only ones that are gearing up for the cold months ahead.  New York City and New Jersey pest control professionals report that many other creatures that spend the warmer months outdoors are now looking for a warm spot to hunker down in to escape the upcoming blast of Old Man Winter.

It may begin as an unexplained bang here or there, or maybe some strange scratching noises, or perhaps you’ll hear scampering in your attic, ceiling or wall voids.  The threat of rodents entering your attic is a problem says pest control experts.  Raccoons and squirrels are common rodents that invade homes as the winter months approach.  These pests often cause serious problems for residents in New York and New Jersey as they chew through electrical wiring causing electrical shorts and a fire hazard.  Once these pests arrive, they send pheromones out to others of their species inviting them to join them.

Raccoons are extremely agile creatures that will gain access to your home by tearing attic vents, soffits, and even shingles and roofing boards up.  Their paws are strong and resemble those of a human with long claws attached. Raccoons are curious creatures and scavengers that leave a trail of destruction in their wake.  Raccoons use attics at a nesting site to raise their young and reside as a family.  They defecate and urinate at will, causing serious damage and health threats to humans.

Squirrels may seem fun to watch as they frolic in the trees and garden, but once they gain access to your home, they are a menacing pest to encounter.  Squirrels can squeeze into small openings and gain access to an attic.  If they opportunity presents itself, squirrels won’t hesitate to venture into the main area of the house, helping themselves to food and causing enormous damage as well.

Raccoon and squirrels should not be poisoned to be eliminated and should instead be trapped by a licensed pest control professional with experience in rodent removal services.  For expert services in New York and New Jersey, contact Stern Environmental Group.