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Surprising Research: Empathy For Other Rats Drives Behavior

Rats Work In Teams, If You Have one, You Probably Have More.
Rats Work In Teams, If You Have one, You Probably Have More.

While it may be difficult to fathom, studies have shown that rats have empathy for others who are in a stressful or painful situation.

What the Studies Have to Say

In 1959, Russell Church, a well-known psychologist, conducted a study involving two rats. One was in a cage with an electrified floor and the other was free. The free rat had a choice of food but when it pressed the lever, it sent an electric shock to the cage and caused its occupant pain. Once the rat connected the pressing of the lever with pain to the caged rat, it stopped pressing the lever.

In 2006, more studies were conducted at McGill University that showed rats became more sensitive to the pain of other rats, showing an emotional tie. When caged test rats showed signs of stress and emitted high-pitched alarm calls, their free counterparts reacted by finding a way to release the captive rat.

Several studies have ensued through the years that show rats are empathetic when it comes to others of their species experiencing distress such as pain or being caged in small areas.

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NYC Breaks the Top Ten List for Worst Rat and Cockroach Problems

With structure upon structure filling NYC, resting atop a vast subterranean underground, the Big Apple’s construction projects create a veritable NYC pest control nightmare. Now holding the dubious distinction as the sole city on the U.S. top 10 lists for both rodent and cockroach infestations, the Big Apple now ranks 3rd and 10th, respectively, with 15.6% of households reporting the pests.

Sad, But Actually – An Improvement
The recent U.S. Census Bureau study on housing quality nationwide unearthed that although the numbers aren’t great, and the city ranked high on both lists in 2015, they are actually better than the 2013 census statistics, where 19% of homes reported rodents and 17% reported cockroaches, pointing to efforts by the NYC Health Department to reduce the unwelcome critters.

What Gives?
The city’s climate, population density, and the age of buildings are the primary reasons for the pest population. Unlike the South, where roaches prevail, Northern cities from NYC to Boston and Philadelphia have a higher presence of vermin in homes, with plenty of places for the rodents to hide and survive, including subway and sewer systems. According to New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene assistant press secretary Julien Martinez, however, “The Health Department has devoted unprecedented funds and staff to target rodents in homes and neighborhoods.”

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NYC to Crack Down on Rodents to Prevent Dangerous Spread of Diseases

Rats are Spreading Dangerous Diseases
Rats are Spreading Dangerous Diseases

NYC rodent control can be a disgusting job, but sometimes it can be downright dangerous. A rare disease has taken its toll on NYC, killing one, and severely sickening 2 others. Disseminated by the city’s ever-burgeoning rat population, the NYC Health Department has been spurred into action.

The Area of Highest Risk
A cluster of the rare bacterial infection, leptospirosis, has been identified within a one-block radius of the Concourse area of the Bronx. The building in question is owned by the 5th worst landlord in the city, Ved Parkash, also known for 5 other buildings with violations. It is the first such cluster ever identified in the city.

A Dirty Job
A team was dispatched, that quickly identified obvious garbage management and rodent infestation issues on-site. Working through the day, they inspected apartments, disposed of improperly handled garbage, set traps, and plugged holes in walls and pipes.

Thwarting the Spread
Leptospirosis is commonly spread via contact with infected rat urine – rarely from person to person. City Health Commissioner Mary Bassett stressed it’s a very rare infection, noting 26 cases in the city since 2006.

What NYC rodent control procedures should you follow to ensure safety? Avoid contact with affected areas. Clean them with a 10% bleach solution, protecting your hands, feet, and eyes with safety gear. Wash your hands after any contact, and contact your local Stern pest control expert for fast rat eradication.

Rats – One of NYC’s Top Resident Pests

Rats Can Indirectly Carry 15 Different Kinds of Diseases
The NYC Rodent

As your NYC rodent specialist, we’re quite familiar with the rat problem in the city. It seems to come in waves, with the late summer being a prime time for these pests. It’s important to know as much as you can about them if you’re someone who tends to consistently deal with rat problems.

The Norway Rat

The Norway rat is the type that most New Yorkers are familiar with. During the summer months when people are out and about, enjoying cookouts, going shopping and enjoying life, the Norway rat’s young are getting old enough to be out on their own. The problem with these rats is they carry dangerous pathogens that can lead to diseases in humans.

Doing Your Part

Knowing that the height of rat season is just around the corner, it’s important for you to do your part to prevent rats from entering your home or business. You can do this by:

• Emptying garbage cans frequently

• Making sure any dog waste is cleaned up promptly

• Keeping your area clean

• Contacting a NYC rodent specialist if you suspect a rat problem

It’s never a good idea to put off getting rid of your rat problem, and it’s not going to go away on its own. There’s no telling how many rats there are in NYC, and even though the city is doing their part, they’re still not going away. Contact us for help!

Video Shows Norway Rats Harboring in Tree Roots

Rats Can Indirectly Carry 15 Different Kinds of Diseases
Rats Can Indirectly Carry 15 Different Kinds of Diseases

Here’s some information that property owners may not be aware of: a rat’s ability to live in the massive root system of large trees. In Boston, rodentologist Bobby Corrigan shared his expert observation of just such an occurrence in a city park.

At the base of old, mature trees within the park, a network of roots created the opportunity for rats to tunnel into holes and access a network of openings around the tree. Evidence showed that the rats used multiple openings for entry and exit routes as well as bringing in food sources and nesting material. It was estimated the “tree house” would hold up to a dozen rats.

If your property has trees with massive above ground root systems, it’s recommended you hire a NYC rodent specialist to inspect the area. With proven systems, methods, and techniques, whether a single tree or multiple trees are affected, the extent of the root-based rat population can be determined and eliminated.

Having a rat infestation in your home or business or anywhere on your property creates an unhealthy situation. If you suspect there’s a problem, don’t allow the rat population to expand, which could result in rodents finding their way inside your home or business.

For fast, efficient help with rodent removal, contact a NYC rodent specialist at Stern Environmental. Our experienced staff will suggest a plan of action to make your property rodent-free.