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It’s War! – Says NYC Government to Neighborhood Rats

Rat Facts
War On Rats

Whether you live in the city, condo, a residential neighborhood or a high rise, rats can become uninvited guests. The price of your property or where it’s located has nothing to do with rat infestations.

These four-legged creators are all about survival which includes food, water and shelter. All of these are readily available at any buidling, any time, and anywhere.

If you live in a condo with a yard and landscaping, rats will consider your property ideal for finding water and shelter. They’ll use vines and trees as a network to run to and from your building, garage, or shed in the search for food and shelter which includes garbage cans, pet food, birdseed or empty or partially empty out buildings.

For city dwellers, rats are always on the hunt. For them overflowing garbage cans from restaurants and businesses waiting to be collected, trash with food bits thrown on the grown, and available water sources are all attractive. These rats will sniff out and hunt down food scents even it it means climbing drain pipes or support beams to get to your balcony.

Several solutions are available to remove rats such as natural pest control, traps, and professional pest control services. Businesses are declaring war on NYC rats. When rats invade your space, it’s time to call in the experts at Stern Environmental Group. With years of experience and qualified technicians on the job, rats won’t be a problem.

The NYC Rat Problem

Commercial property owners understand the importance of keeping customers, clients, and guests happy campers. When an infestation of rats threatens to upset the quality, lifestyle, or working environment of your property, it’s time to call in the professionals.

Professional Service

When rodents invade your commercial property, Stern Environmental Group has the goods to send them packing. Using a positive and aggressive approach to treatment and prevention, rats will be eliminated.

Whether you already have an infestation, think there may be an issue, or you want to avoid rats moving into the corner office, make an appointment to have your commercial property inspected. Addressing the problem, as soon as possible, can mean less problems in the future.

Negativity of Rodents

A few of the basic problems caused by rats include:

  • Commercial properties, used for any purpose, don’t need the negative publicity a rat infestation will bring. Your company’s reputation is on the line, everyday, and a rat problem does not boost your approval rate.
  • Rats carry disease.
  • These crafty and creative rodents are not easily eradicated once they’ve homesteaded on your property.
  • Professional services are necessary to thoroughly remove a colony of stubborn rodents. A single mousetrap and over-the-counter rodent repellents and other basic products isn’t going to work.

Our staff is standing by to answer any questions you may have or schedule an appointment for a rodent inspection. Contact us using information on our website or chat with an online representative.

FDA Shuts Down Food Firms; Rodents, Roaches Found

The FDA recently shut down a Waynesboro, Virginia food preparation and storage facility after inspectors discovered active rodent and insect infestations at the site. U.S. Marshals seized contaminated food products from the two food firms that share the facility: Gourmet Provisions, LLC and Royal Cup, Inc. The companies were cited for numerous health and safety violations including presence of widespread rodent and insect infestations, unclean equipment and structural defects.

The FDA report notes that effective pest control measures had not been taken to exclude rodents and insects from the premises, protect food products from pest contamination or keep food contact surfaces free of contamination.

“These companies have a responsibility for the safety and quality of their products,” FDA associate commission Melinda Plaisier said in a news release. “When firms do not uphold this responsibility, the FDA will take actions that demonstrate its commitment to assuring consumers that foods they buy are prepared, packaged and held under sanitary conditions.”

While no illnesses related to the ice cream and coffee products prepared and stored at the Virginia facility had yet been reported, the FDA noted that consumers may not immediately associate any symptoms of illness with consumption of these contaminated food items.

Don’t take a chance on an FDA shutdown or consumer lawsuits, contact Stern Environmental today about our comprehensive commercial pest control services.

Mice Seek Indoor Shelter when Weather Turns Cold

Mice and rats start looking for cozier accommodations when the weather starts to turn cold. With the arrival of fall, New York and New Jersey home and business owners may begin to notice signs of rodent activity, particularly inside garages, storage sheds, warehouses and kitchen areas.

The discovery of small brown or black fecal pellets on shelves, counter tops or inside cupboards are often the first sign of a rodent invasion. Mice are incontinent, leaving germ-laden waste wherever they scurry. Dried droppings pose their own health threat when pulverized particles are wafted into the air and breathed in. Only last year, an outbreak of potentially deadly Hantavirus that killed 3 people was traced to a mouse infestation in camping tents at Yosemite National Park.

Mice and rats are attracted to indoor spaces by food, water and warmth. Their ability to squeeze through small openings — a mouse can squeeze through a dime-sized opening — makes mice difficult to keep out. And once they get in, their prodigious reproduction rates — a single female can produce as many as 60 pups a year — can quickly lead to a major infestation.

The trick to halting rodent invasions is to pinpoint and block entry and exit points. Stern uses the innovative rodent Track & Trap system to locate entry points and stop mouse and rat invasions in their tracks.

Smart Rodent Tracking System Allows Fast Extermination

When rodents move into New York City commercial buildings, the toughest part of extermination is figuring out how they’re getting in. Mice can squeeze through an opening the size of a dime, and rats can enter NJ buildings through small holes the size of a quarter which can make these disease-carrying vermin difficult to exterminate. An innovative product called Track & Trap mouse and rat control system takes the guesswork out of finding and eliminating all rodent ingress and egress points, allowing Stern’s knowledgeable rodent extermination experts to eliminate commercial rodent problems quickly and effectively.

How Track & Trap Works

Bait stations coated with a fluorescent chemical are placed in rodent activity areas. As mice or rats come to feed, the fluorescent chemical adheres to their feet and bodies, causing them to leave a trail as they move in and out of commercial buildings. Several days after bait station installation, Stern’s rodent extermination experts return with a special UV light that illuminates rodent trails, allowing our rat and mouse control experts to seal entry points, locate and remove nests and set traps where they will be most effective.

Protect Your Business Reputation

Don’t let rodents nibble away at your business reputation. Nip New York City and northern New Jersey rodent problems in the bud with Stern’s rodent control solutions.