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Tropical Bed Bugs Resurface Plaguing Florida

What Could Possibly Be Worse Than Our Common Northeast Bed Bugs?

Here in the northeast, we have what’s called the common bed bug, and your NYC bed bug specialist has had to deal with this pest far too many times. However, in the State of Florida, a different type of pest is making a comeback. It’s called the tropical bed bug.

The Tropical Bed Bug

In many ways, tropical bed bugs are a lot like the common bed bug. However, there are some differences. For one, they haven’t been seen anywhere in the United States since the 1940s. There is also some research indicating that tropical bed bugs might be able to reproduce faster than common bed bugs. This means that if a problem is ignored, it could develop into a serious infestation much faster.

The Spread of Tropical Bed Bugs

This type of bed bug prefers warmer climates, which means that if they’ve been found in Florida, they might also be found in other warm states as well. Travel in the United States has increased by leaps and bounds in recent years, and there is a very real possibility that these bugs are hitchhiking with travelers to other states.

As your NYC bed bug specialist, we take bed bug infestations seriously. If you’re traveling to a warm state, please be aware of the possibility of finding bed bugs. Take the proper precautions when you travel, and if you end up with an infestation, contact us!

Tropical Bed Bugs Surface in Florida for the First Time Since the 1940’s

Taking a Trip to Florida? Watch Out For Tropical Bed Bugs.
Taking a Trip to Florida? Watch Out For Tropical Bed Bugs.

Everyone has heard about the major bed bug infestations around New York and New Jersey. They seem to be everywhere, and the problem is only getting worse, which is why you need to call a NYC bed bug specialist for any infestation that occurs.

Well, thank goodness that in the northern hemisphere there is only one type of bed bug to worry about, called the common bed bug, because in Florida a nasty species of bed bug, called the tropical bed bug, has been found again after 60 years. They had largely been eliminated from the state, but are making a comeback and have grown resistant to pesticides.

The Differences

The biggest difference in each of these species is how they look before having a meal of blood.

Tropical bed bugs have a more pointed abdomen while common bed bugs have a rounded abdomen. However, after feeding both of their abdomens become distended and pointy, making each species harder to distinguish from each other.

Tropical bed bugs thrive in warmer climates, and experts are worried that since they have been found in Florida, they might begin to colonize the entire southern United States.

For questions about bed bug infestation and control, please contact your NYC bed bug specialist at Stern Environmental Group. We’re pest control experts and have been serving the NYC and New Jersey areas for nearly 20 years.