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Stern Environmental Group Providing pest control for industry, offices and warehouses. Providing residential and multi-family services for bed bugs. Providing commercial pest control services for warehouses and industrial settings.
Stern Environmental Group Providing pest control for industry, offices and warehouses. Providing residential and multi-family services for bed bugs. Providing commercial pest control services for warehouses and industrial settings.
Stern Environmental Group Providing pest control for industry, offices and warehouses. Providing residential and multi-family services for bed bugs. Providing commercial pest control services for warehouses and industrial settings.

Showcasing New Bed Bug Killing Products Just Arriving in the Marketplace

You'll find the new products that we have purchased and are testing right now in our quest to find the best, when it comes to killing bed bugs and keeping your home and hotel property bed bug free!

On this page you'll find links and information about new products that are due to come to market soon. Here are just a few that we are watching and evaluating ourselves.

For Beds & Home   •Bed Bug Inspection Kit from PestWest  Bed Bug Heaters for Soft Goods
  • Active Guard Mattress Liner   • Bedbug Beacon   • The Bed Bug Baker
  • Bed Bug Barrier for Bed Legs   • Bed Bug Moat   • BugStop HotHouse Tent
  • Protect-A-Bed Encasements   • Bug Dome Monitor and Trap   • BugStop HotHouse Furniture Bag
  • Bed Bug Exterminator Enzyme Laundry Treatment   • Bed Bug Monitor Tape   • The JDL 2000 "The Bug Oven"
 Bed Bug Detectors & Monitors   • Bed Bug Monitor in a Case CDC 3000   • PackTite Heat Chamber
  • BB Alert Active Bed Bug Detection   • Bed Bug Night Stick   • ZappBug Heater
  • BB Alert Passive Bed Bug Detection   • Bed Bug Plug   • ZappBug Room
  • Bed Bug Alert Detection Monitor   • Bed Bug Slasher Detector/Trap  Bed Bug Travel Supplies
  • Bedbug Early Detection System   • Climbup Insect Interceptor Monitor/Trap   • BugZip Luggage & Drawer Liner Bags
  • Bed Bug Blue   • NightWatch Bed Bug Monitor   • Hefty Bedbug Travel Bags
  • Bed Bug Detection by DNA Testing   • NightWatch Bed Bug Monitor  

ZappBug Heater and ZappBug Room

ZappBug HeaterThe ZappBug Heater is available for shipping now. This revolutionary new portable de-bugging unit uses a heat chamber to kill bed bugs and their eggs. This portable unit allows you to treat small carryon luggage, clothing, children's toys, dry clean only items, sensitive fabrics, and much more. The heat produced by the chamber will kill all phases of bed bugs including eggs. Use the ZappBug Heater either after a trip or as you prepare your home for a bed bug infestation treatment. The ZappBug Heater measures 37.5" wide, 23" tall, and 23" deep. It has 13 cubic feet of space for your clothing, shoes, or other items. It is easy to transport and easily assembled in several minutes by one person. Find out more about this new product.

Just released for sale is the new ZappBug Room. The ZappBug Room is a large version of the popular ZappBug Heater. The ZappBug Room measures 111" wide, 78" tall, and 57" deep. With this large heating room, you can treat mattresses, couches, upholstered chairs, and large quantities of loosely stacked clothing. It is easily set up in under ten minutes by one person.

With the largest capacity of any commercial sized heat room on the market, the ZappBug Room is the perfect choice for building managers, store owners, and professional exterminators. It is easily transported using the included carry and storage bags and sets up in under 10 minutes. It uses four power sources and operates unattended with automatic timers that turn off the heating room automatically. Find out more about this new product.


BugStop HotHouse Furniture Bag

BugStop HotHouse TentAmcan Products Inc. has recently showcased at at trade show their new sofa and furniture bed bug treatment heat bag called the BugStop HotHouse Furniture Bag. Small enough to effectively treat a sofa this portable heat bag kills bed bugs that have previously been very hard to treat deep inside upholstered furniture.

Constructed of Norpac insulated fabric, the unit is highly portable and when packed has a very small footprint and a separate portable heater unit. The BugStop Hothouse Furniture Bag utilizes a 120 volt electric heating system with a R200 rated fabric that keeps the heat in during the 1.5 to 2.0 hour treatment. The inflated unit measures 89 inches by 89 inches by 47 inches tall. It is frame less to configure to the items to be heated.

This innovative new portable unit allows professionals to treat furniture, mattresses, soft goods, and other household items on location with bed bug killing heat levels.


BugStop HotHouse Tent

BugStop HotHouse TentAmcan Products Inc. has just showcased at a recent pest industry show their new BugStop HotHouse Tent.

This innovative new product prototype allows pest control professionals to treat multiple pieces of furniture with heat to kill bed bugs. The HotHouse Tent measures 8 feet by 8 feet and is 8 feet tall. It is easy to set up portable and flame resistant.

It only weighs 62 pounds and comes with a 32 pound separate heating unit. The unit uses 120V, 15 amp 6000 watts, 20,460 BTU and re circulates the heated air.

Amcan has created a nice, highly portable unit that kills bed bugs and is very easy to set up and transport. The quilted exterior cover traps heat in and assures very little heat loss during the "cooking" process. The image to the right is of the prototype.


Bed Bug Blue Fecal Spot Detection Kit

Bed Bug Blue Fecal Spot Detection KitCreated by the makers of PackTite, the home portable bed bug heat chamber, is the new bed bug fecal spot detector called Bed Bug Blue™. This new, inexpensive, and easy to use test kit allows home owners and pest professionals alike to definitively test spots for blood residue assuring that the spot has been left by a bed bug and reaffirming the presence of bed bugs in an environment.

Bed bug treatment can be costly and preparation for treatment can be time consuming. Now with Bed Bug Blue™ and a simple test you can know you have a bed bug problem even if you can't find these secretive hiding insects visually. In less than one minute the test strips tell you if there is blood present in the black spots you've found indicating that a bed bug has most likely left this debris as part of its feeding process. Find out more information, watch a video and then buy it in our store.


The Bed Bug Plug

The Bed Bug PlugThis new innovative product was introduced at the Bed Bug Summit for Pest Management Professionals in Chicago in October 2011. We will most likely be carrying this item in our store when it is released for sale in the near future. The Bed Bug Plug is an innovative heat and moisture baited bed bug monitor that masquerades as an electrical outlet. The low level heat and moisture combined with an innovative spin on glue traps makes this low cost bed bug monitor appear to be a very effective option for widespread use.

With the appearance of a regular wall outlet, hotels, dormitories, and apartments can now cost effectively, and without drawing attention, test areas for bed bugs. The monitor lasts for three months and then the interior glue trap and moisture bait should be replaced. One unit is even available with an operational electrical outlet so not only will it look like a typical electrical outlet but will operate as one. Included with the unit is a long cord so you can put the Bed Bug Plug on a bed, or in a drawer for additional testing.

With the ability to transport this innocuous looking bed bug monitor it may well become the monitor of choice for travelers and a regular fixture in guest rooms in residential homes. We are excited about the potential uses of this low priced, seemingly effective, and cleverly disguised bed bug monitor.

PDF Review the manufacturers brochure that explains how this innovative product works.


Bed Bug Slasher Brand Monitors & Traps

Sleep-Safe Pack
The Sleep-Safe Pack

Bed Bug Slasher has released two new products the Sleep-Safe Pack and the Guard-Post Unit. The Sleep-Safe Pack consists of four traps that you put under furniture legs or under bed posts and the Guard Post Unit is a larger monitor and trap.

PDF Read the summary of test results done by Virginia Tech on the Bed Bug Slasher.

PDF Review the manufacturers flyer on the Bed Bug Slasher Sleep-Safe.

PDF Review the manufacturers flyer on the Bed Bug Slasher Guard-Post.

Both products use the same technology to mimic the CO2 signature of a sleeping person to attract bed bugs and both contain pit traps to trap and kill the attracted bed bugs. The unique difference to this monitor/trap from other similar offerings is that the pit trap contains diatomaceous earth which scratches the bed bug's exoskeleton which then leads to death by desiccation.

The Guard-Post Unit
The Guard Unit

The Sleep-Safe Pack consists of four smaller units with a CO2 creating solution that continuously releases very low levels of CO2 that mimic the breathe of a sleeping person. Bed bugs are attracted to the gas and fall into the diatomaceous earth loaded pit traps and die. The kit contains seven days of bait ingredients.

The Guard-Post Unit is a larger version of the Sleep-Safe trap and is placed in room corners, by walls, near the front door; anywhere you want to monitor for bed bug activity.

Not only does the Guard-Post unit trap and kill bed bugs, but is a frontline detector.The unit comes with a seven day supply of bait ingredients and diatomaceous earth for the trap. The trap is relatively unobtrusive and easily hidden under beds, in a room corner or in a closet.

Both offer a way to attract bed bugs in your environment, monitor for activity, trap, as well as kill bed bugs that may be present.


Bed Bug Alert Detection Monitor

Bed Bug Alert Detection MonitorThis brand new clear, rigid, plastic bed bug monitoring device entices bed bugs in with a tasty blood meal-like lure. The clear view allows for simple detection of even one bed bug by exterminators, home owners, or housekeeping staff. The device is sturdy and so reusable until a bed bug presence is detected. By being clear, the device is easily and quickly monitored. No more pulling apart sticky glue strips, to inspect for bed bugs or checking monitors for fecal marks. See inside the monitor for the presence of bed bugs chowing down on the lure.

The gel-based lure consists of a proprietary combination of human pheromones that attract bed bugs to the monitor but are safe to use in all environments for bed bug detection The device is small in profile and affordably priced. The manufacturer recommends that users simply install between the mattress and box spring and review twice daily. The presence of even just one bed bug should result in a call to a bed bug extermination professional.

The monitors are small enough to be unobtrusive, but have been proven to attract adult bed bugs and nymphs. Once inside, the bed bugs are trapped when they feel on the lure. This is the perfect device for pest professionals, home owners, apartment dwellers, hospital and nursing homes, and even travelers. Small, portable, affordable, and easy to check make this monitor an exciting new product that we are considering adding to our store.

PDF Review the manufacturers flyer on the Bed Bug Alert clear view monitor.


Bed Bug Detection by DNA Testing

Now you can be sure that you have bed bugs definitively. Cheaper than bed bug dogs, you swab your environment, then send the swabs to the laboratory for testing. If bed bugs are present they have left microscopic evidence of their presence in the form of DNA which can be detected in the laboratory. Don't guess if you have bed bugs, know for sure the scientific.

It is easy to swab your environment and nearly a whole room can be swabbed with one special swab. Just make sure that your bed and headboard area are the last places you firmly rub your DNA collection swab. If you find insect debris like legs or exoskeletons, include them in the bag you send to the lab with your swab. The lab tests your samples and let's you know in about 24 hours after the review. With DNA evidence you'll have a 99.99% surety rate that you do have a presence of bed bugs.

All bed bug DNA testing is done by a top research laboratory. They are one of the nation's oldest and most experienced veterinary molecular diagnostic laboratory. They have been performing molecular testing since 1992.

Hospitals and nursing homes can even test to see if the bed bugs they may have are carriers for MRSA staph germs. For this type of testing you will need to include a live or dead bed bug from your environment or even pieces of a bed bug.

DNA testing can even determine if a tick is a carrier of Lyme disease. Just send the live or dead tick in the sealed bag to the lab and its DNA will be tested to see if it is a carrier requiring you to have prompt medical attention.

High tech DNA testing for bed bugs and other situations is easy to do and incredibly accurate. With each test running about $60, you'll save money by knowing if you have a problem for sure before you call in a bed bug dog or exterminator.

PDF Swabbing and collection instructions.


The Bed Bug Baker

The Bed Bug BakerWe don't have a lot of details about this new product yet, but it is a portable heating unit for bed bug killing and prevention. This product called the Bed Bug Baker. Pricing will be lower than other product currently on the market and so will be more practical for retail stores, hotels and motels, and professional establishments. It may even be an affordable and practical solution for pest professional who are providing bed bug preparation services.

We are excited about the possibilities of this new product. As we get more information we will post it on our website. In the meantime we invite you to review product photos to get a sense of what the Bed Bug Baker can be used to treat.

Find out more now about the Bed Bug Baker.


Bed Bug Monitor Tape

Bed Bug Monitor TapeThis two sided sticky trap tape made by AgriSense can be used by hotels and colleges for passive bed bug detection. The tape can be discreetly placed under beds and furniture, behind headboards, and other areas to monitor for bed bugs particularly after treatment. The box comes with 5 - 20 inch long by 2 3/8 inch wide tape strips.

The manufacturer states that "ideally it should be placed under beds, on furniture etc, in an inconspicuous place. Traps should be located on the hard surface such as wood or plastic as the tape will not stick well to fabric. Traps should be replaced every two weeks or when the sticky surface becomes saturated with dead insects or dust. Once this happens peel off, fold shut and dispose of traps via standard waste disposal means. As the trap is composed of harmless materials, no special precautions are necessary for use.This product is also available in bulk roll quantities.


Bed Bug Night Stick

The Bed Bug Nigh Stick DetectorThe Bed Bug Night Stick is a easy to use active bed bug detector that you tuck inside your bed rail or bed frame. Tuck in corner traps at all corners of your box spring for greater protection. Bed bugs get stuck in the sticky indentations of the Night Stick which has active baits that simulate human presence with the small red dots embedded in the trap that you soak with a glycerin attractant.

This new bed bug detector is the perfect cost effective low profile bed bug detection device for hotels and motels. It acts to attract bed bugs (with the small baited dots), creates a safe harborage place for bed bugs (with indentations), with fecal detection (white plastic for easy observation of fecal stains) and glue board monitoring (traps bed bugs for visual inspection and confirmation). Find out more about this product and see more photos on our product detail page.

PDF File Read more information from the maker of the Bed Bug Night Stick.


Bed Bug Barrier for Bed Legs

Bed Bug Castor BarrierBed Bug Barrier has just introduced two new items to keep bed bugs from traveling up bed legs to bite you in bed. They are a screw in bed leg adapter with a concealed glue strip trap and a model that encircles the castor of the bed frame with a concealed glue trap. Both keep bed bugs from traveling from the floor to your bed surface via the bed legs.

The glue barrier in these units is non-drying and non-toxic. These barrier are effective in preventing bugs and bedbugs from crawling into bed with you from the floor. Both items are created to be long wearing and a part of a proactive bed bug prevention program for homes, apartments, and hotels. With two simple constructions these discreet products help to isolate the bed from a bed bug infestation. The screw-in barrier fits legs 1 3/4 inches in diameter. The castor barrier fits castors 2 1/4 inches or less in diameter from the bottom. Check out the brochures below to see photos and get more information and dimensions.

PDF File Read the brochure on the screw-in bed leg model.

PDF File Read the brochure on the castor model.


Hefty Bedbug Travel Bags

Hefty Bedbug BagsBedbugs are now a real issue in many parts of the United States. So much so that Hefty has introduced Hefty a new product called Sealed Big Bags with their patented one zip feature.

This new extra large bag is perfect for travel or for packing up after a bed bud infestation. The extra large bags are packed three in a box and measure 24" wide by 32" tall. Also available is a set of four 24" wide by 20" bags as well.

Now when you have a bed bug problem these special Hefty bags can help you clean up or keep you safe while traveling.


CDC 3000 Bed Bug Monitor in a Case

This new bed bug monitor and trap is packaged all in one easy to carry briefcase. It is an interesting product that is available to help eradicate bed bugs from your life. The CDC 3000 is an amazing tool in the identification and treatment of bed bugs in the United States.

CDC 3000 caseThe Cimex Detection Case (CDC 3000) is a bed bug monitoring and trapping device. This innovative device mimics the presence of a human body and can detect bed bugs in areas up to 100 sq. feet and in about a six foot radius from the equipment.  Bed bugs are attracted to CO2 and human-like warmth and scent.  This unit emits all of these so that any bed bugs in the area will seek it out instead of you.

Looking like a briefcase, the unit is portable and discreet and can easily travel with you to hotels or any other place you visit.  Each one time use CO2 cartridge lasts for about 10 hours. Unlike pesticides, this unit is safe to use around your children and pets.

Find out more information about this innovative new bed bug monitor.


Climbup Insect Interceptor

Climbup Insect InterceptorThis new product is installed under bed posts and creates a barrier between the floor and the bed. Bed bugs approaching a bed from the floor of the room will climb up the exterior surface of the Climbup Interceptor from Susan McKnight Inc. and fall and be trapped in the outer pitfall ring. Bed bugs climbing down from the bed will be found trapped in center well.

The rings are treated with a fine layer of talc preventing the escape of any captured bed bugs. This product can be an effective measuring and bed bug monitoring tool for identifying the presence of bed bugs in rooms even where low levels of bed bugs exist. Used as a low tech monitoring device in conjunction with an extermination protocol, it may be an effective monitoring option. You can read more about this new bed bug monitoring product at Read and article about the product online at, a magazine for pest control professionals.

A larger version of the Climbup Insect Interceptor is soon to become available. As soon as we have the information we will add it to our store.

Visit our page on Climbup Insect Interceptor for close up photos.


Active Guard Mattress Liner

This product is a lightweight pyrethrum saturated liner that lays on top of your mattress and is laid just underneath your mattress pad. It kills bed bugs on contact and the material from the manufacturer states it will kill pests for up to two years. It is not suitable to be used in beds for children under five years of age. This may be a more price considerate alternative to bed bug proof mattress encasements. We are testing this product at this time.

For more information please visit our blog post on this new product.


These New Products Are Now Available in Our Store for Purchase

The Bedbug Beacon

The Bedbug Beacon.We've just picked up a brand new product called the Bedbug Beacon which is being sold by the same people who have brought us PackTite, the portable bed bug oven. We've watched a video of the trials and the product seems extremely promising in regards to capturing bed bugs when a visual inspection has shown no presence.

The product is a small simple pit trap covered with a dome, a tube extends from the dome. With water and three packets of chemicals, you make a liquid that slowly releases small amounts of CO2 gas into the trap; attracting bed bugs. The chemical solution continues to create small levels of CO2 for up to 11 days.

The results appear to be excellent with even these small amounts of CO2 in attracting bed bugs. The product is relatively inexpensive and is patent pending. With the difficulties some people have of finding CO2 canisters to power many of the more expensive or professional bed bug monitoring tools, this ready-mix make your own CO2 solution may be the perfect combination for wide spread and also more economical use.

Find out more about this exciting new inexpensive bed bug monitor.

Buy this product in our online store today.


BB Alert Active from MIDMOS Bed Bug Detection Device Coming Soon to the US

BB Alert package.In development for the last seven years by MIDMOS, BB Alert Active has been selling in Europe and is now available in the US marketplace. This device is a stand alone bed bug monitor with a special new attractant to attract bed bugs by imitating a "warm blood meal". We are delighted to be one of the first firms in the United States to be selling this new product. Find out more about this coming new product and review close up images.

Next in the queue for release from MIDMOS is BB Alert O2PM. This new treatment process starves bed bugs locked inside for oxygen. Taking 30 days to treat the products effectively in a flexibag it rids bedding, clothing, furniture, and appliances of bed bugs.

Available in our online store for US & Canada deliveries June 1, 2010.

PDF File Download the instruction book for BB Alert Active to learn more.

You can read all the details in the PDF brochure from MIDMOS or visit their website online.

Buy this product in our online store today.


BB Alert Passive from MIDMOS Bed Bug Detection Device

BB Alert PassiveBy their very nature bed bugs like to hide in small, narrow spaces close to their food source (you). This is why BB Alert Passive is an excellent low-tech way to track and test for bed bug problems. This small compact product has a plastic cover on top of a corrugated cardboard base which is then attached to a sticky platform. The plastic cover prevents compression of the product when installed underneath a mattress.

These small products are perfect for the commercial or home environment and provide a pro-active approach towards bed bug detection when teamed with early treatment.

Additionally the manufacturer has even labeled the product in case it is found or viewed by a consumer with a very nice, positive statement. All around this compact yet incompressible passive bed bug detection tool may be one of the best we've seen yet.

Find out more about this new product and review close up images.

You can read more about this passive bed bug detection product from MIDMOS online.

Buy this product in our online store today.


BugZip Luggage Bags and Drawer Liner Bags

BugZip on a suitcase.BugZip luggage and drawer liner bags let you travel comfortably knowing that you are doing everything possible to minimize bringing bed bugs home with you after a trip or vacation. By encasing your suitcase in these heavy duty plastic zippered covers you keep bugs, of all kinds, from catching a ride home on the outside or the inside of your luggage. Just zip the cover on once you have arrived in your room and keep your clothes and luggage free from pest intrusions.

For additional peace of mind and ease of use, carry with you BugZip drawer liner bags. Simply lift out your clothes from your luggage zipped up in these special bug resistant bags and drop them into hotel room dresser drawers. By diligently encasing your luggage and clothing in these special bags that have an advanced resistance to bed bugs you greatly reduce the likelihood of bringing these nasty and hard to get rid of bugs home with you. BugZip bags are recommended for single use for best results. They are priced affordably and come in a variety of common luggage and drawer liner sizes. Review the PDF brochure for more information and sizes of BugZip storage bags.

Buy this product in our online store today.


PackTite MAX New Portable Bed Bug Killing Heat Chamber

The PackTite the new portable home bed bug killing heat chamber is available for PackTite MAX is a home bed bug killing chamber. This revolutionary portable de-bugging station uses a heat chamber to kill bed bugs and their eggs. The portable unit allows you to treat luggage, clothing, children's toys, dry clean only items, sensitive fabrics, and much more.

The heat produced by the chamber will kill all phases of bed bugs. Use PackTite MAX either after a trip or as you prepare your home for a bed bug infestation treatment.

The PackTite MAX chamber will heat items you put inside up to 120 to 150 degrees and will maintain a bed bug killing temperature for up to four hours. This product is the perfect solution for effectively treating items that are sensitive to chemicals, cannot be treated, or that you would prefer not to treat with traditional insecticides.

The PackTite MAX unit measures 36" long by 19" wide by 24" high and fully collapses for easy storage. This is a new upgraded version of the original PackTite model. This new item has an external heat generation source. Find out more information on PackTite MAX now.

Buy this product in our online store today.

PackTite ClosetJust released for sale is the new PackTite Closet. The PackTite Closet is a new larger version of the original popular PackTite unit. The PackTite Closet measures 36" long, 34" tall, and 18" wide. When inflated the unit grows to 40" long, 36" tall and 30" wide. Included with the PackTite Closet is a bottom shelf and clothes rack. Because of the ability to hang up clothing and the increased air circulation provided by the PackTite Closet blower/heater motor, treatment times are greatly reduced. In testing the manufacturer found that it took only two hours for the unit to get to the right temperature to kill bed bugs and eggs.

When you need more space for clothing or luggage the PackTite Closet is the perfect solution for home use. With the ability to hang clothing or heat items on the bottom shelf, you can set up the PackTite Closet in your own closet for regular use, and even use it in light commercial environments such as in retail stores to treat customer returned merchandise or newly received shipments.

Not only is the PackTite MAX or PackTite Closet easy to set up, but is is simple to use. The heat chambers fully collapses for easy storage. When you are ready to use it simply unzip to access the chamber, slide the supports in place, and plug in the unit. You can loosely fill the smaller PackTite MAX heat chamber with any items that need treatment or hang clothes in the PackTite Closet. The chamber will heat up to about 150 degrees Fahrenheit and maintain that temperature for several hours - killing all bed bugs and eggs inside. With a timer and light indicator, you know when PackTite has completed the heating and killing process. Find out more about this new product.

Buy this product in our online store today.


NightWatch Bed Bug Monitor Is Available for Purchase Now!

NightWatch bed bug monitor and trapNightWatch is an innovative bed bug trap and monitoring device that uses heat and CO2 to attract, trap and kill bed bugs. The NightWatch trap creates the same CO2 patterns that a sleeping human does; attracting bed bugs for a quick bite, a snack, and then death.

This new product has been created by BioSensory Inc. and was extensively tested by Entomologists at Purdue University. The Entomologists concluded from their experiments that "pitfall traps with heat and CO2 have potential to be useful tools for monitoring bed bug infestations and reducing bed bug numbers." – Just the right combination of elements that NightWatch provides to attract and then trap pesky bed bugs. NightWatch is is now available for purchase.

Find out more information and pricing about this innovative bed bug monitor.

Nightwatch Now!Buy this new product in our online store today.


The bug ovenThe JDL 2000 "The Bug Oven"

If you have bed bugs in industrial proportions this is the product for you (by Maxisoft, Inc.). This nearly closet sized heating unit (measuring 6'6" Tall 36" wide and 24" deep) gives you the storage space to "cook" bed bugs out of just about anything that has become infested. This heavy-duty insect killing heating oven is available from Stern Environmental Group by special order. The Bed Bug Oven is made in Pennsylvania. Price as show to the right is $4,500 (plus $550 shipping).

Who would be interested in this giant bed bug baker? Cruise ship owners, hoteliers, and homeless shelters may find the ability to treat blankets, comforters, and pillows in one unit in bulk not only a time saver but a practical investment in the long run.

PDF File Download the Bed Bug Oven Brochure.

Visit our Bug Oven page for more image of the exterior and interior of this new product.

Buy this product in our online store today.


Bug Dome

The Bed Bug DomeThis new product created by Silvandersson under the name of Silvatronic, based in Sweden, is available for purchase in our store now. This bed bug monitor/trap uses a small heating element place underneath a dome to attract bed bugs. Once the bed bugs have climbed onto the dome trap, they are stuck in a glue material that coats the trap section. The trap section is replaceable when full.

The Bug Dome unit is available for $79.99 and comes with three domes. It plugs into any wall outlet and is manufactured by the same company that has created Cryonite. You can view the company brochure for more information.

We are now selling the Bug Dome online. Check out our Bed Bug Dome page for close ups of the product.

PDF FileRead recent research on the Bug Dome's effectiveness in capturing bed bugs.

Buy this product in our online store today.


PestWest's CSI Blue Light Kit

Bed Bug Inspection Kit.When you need to get serious about bed bugs, you need our special contrasting bed bug specimen inspection kit. This kit comes with a slim line hard cover carrying box. The included orange filter goggles in combination with the intense 455 nm light adds vivid contrast to your inspection. The kit enables the user to add a new dimension to bed bug inspections. The blue light emitting light source is used to see latent signs and other physical evidence of an infestation easily. It is necessary for the inspector to wear the orange goggles.

To use the system, simply darken the room or area shine the special light at various surfaces for your inspection while wearing the orange goggles and look for physical evidence of bed bugs. Take time to let your eyes adjust to the light and contrast then work methodically and carefully. Leave the cardboard monitor behind a head board or under a mattress and look for fecal stains on the white cover each time you inspect for bed bugs.

Find out more now about the PestWest CSI bed bug inspection kit.

Buy this product in our online store today.


Bed Bug Exterminator Enzyme Laundry Treatment

Bed Bug Exterminator Enzyme Laundry TreatmentKill bed bugs and dust mites every time you do laundry with Bedbug 911's new all natural enzyme laundry solution. The liquid in the treatment is all natural, unscented, enzyme activated, chlorine-free, environmentally friendly, as well as safe and effective in killing bed bugs.

The large bottle will treat up to 32 laundry loads and contains 32 fluid ounces.

The Bed Bug EXterminator Enzyme Laundry Treatment uses powerful naturally occurring enzymes to eliminate bed bugs and other pests in the wash cycle. It is effective in killing bed bugs, dust mites, fleas, and lice.

Find out more now about this laundry additive. Important: This product is not available for sale or delivery to residents of the state of Virginia. This product is in the process of registering for sale in Virginia and may be for sale to Virginia residents at a later date.

Buy this product in our online store today.


The Bed Moat

Bed MoatTrap bed bugs and insects in the Bed Moat before they make it onto your bed. With these small square plastic traps, you can keep bed bugs and any other insects off you bed and furniture. Just set your furniture leg or bed frame inside the Moat. Bugs get trapped in the outside section and are unable to climb up the slippery side of the trap keeping your bed or furniture protected from infestation.

The Bed Moat comes in ivory to match your decor unobtrusively. They are made of high quality plastic and will last for years. The textured exterior allows bed bugs to crawl up, but the slick inside wall keeps them away from you and trapped in the Moat. The Bed Moat is perfect for apartments, institutions, college dormitories, or homes. Get proactive and keep bed bugs away from you with the economical and durable Bed Moat.

PDF File Read more information from the maker of the Bed Moat.

Find out more about this exciting new inexpensive bed bug monitor.

Buy this product in our online store today.


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