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Stern Environmental Group Providing pest control for industry, offices and warehouses. Providing residential and multi-family services for bed bugs. Providing commercial pest control services for warehouses and industrial settings.
Stern Environmental Group Providing pest control for industry, offices and warehouses. Providing residential and multi-family services for bed bugs. Providing commercial pest control services for warehouses and industrial settings.
Stern Environmental Group Providing pest control for industry, offices and warehouses. Providing residential and multi-family services for bed bugs. Providing commercial pest control services for warehouses and industrial settings.

Stern Environmental Group Reviews

Are you looking for reviews on Stern Environmental Group or for Stern Environmental located in New Jersey? Please find a selection of reviews and comments we have received from customers about our services over the years.

From Our Own Clients:

Summary: Stern Environmental Group Customer Reviews and References 5 out of 5 based on 5 ratings. 18 user reviews. Stern Environmental Group has received a 5-star rating from clients in regards to their satisfaction with our bed bug and pest control services.

I would like to thank you for making the most horrible situation [bed bugs] in my life much better. Everything was done professionally and quickly. I appreciate your help and your quick responses. Thank you again..
Jeane, NYC - August 2011

Your company and specifically Ella and Angel (tech) are the BEST. I can't thank you enough. From your polite, friendly,courteous and thorough service, you exceeded all my expectations. In no time I have gone from feeling itchy and buggy to not wanting to go anywhere but home. What tremendous peace of mind you have given me. I'm still looking but I'm not seeing. Thank you a million times over. 
S.I., N.J.

Bedbugs make you feel like you are out of control of the most elemental thing--your own environment. They creep into your room unwanted and attack you in your sleep. Okay, they aren't lethal. They are not cancer or heart disease or flood or famine, but they are pestilence, and they are... awful. They make me feel like I am losing my mind. Which is where you come in. If it were not for you {Ella in customer service], I don't know how we would have come through this or how we would negotiate the future. Your unflappable calm and gentle presence over the phone is as effective an exterminator of the mental misery that accompanies the infestation as the cryonics is for the bedbugs. I can't find enough words to tell you have grateful I am for your support--may I say, friendship--throughout this process. Perhaps the guys would have eradicated the bedbugs without you, but you saved my life and sanity (such as it is at the moment). I am forever in your debt. The speed with which you marshaled the services I needed, the professionalism of every person I met who is connected with Stern... everything is designed to limit the damage of the situation. Wilson is an angel, and the team of dog-trainers is amazing. Each person is as nice as the person before. If the house is being invaded by bugs, the humans are fantastic. I am ever grateful. And I appreciate your concern for and advice about preventative maintenance.
Jane, N.J.

Thank you for providing a professional service. I spoke with Ella several times, who told me what procedures I would have to take before a [bed bug] technician arrived. I want to let you know that Wilson who was my technician was "exceptional". He was very professional and took the time to explain step by step the entire process. Wilson put me at ease and made me feel comfortable that there would be no bed bugs after the procedures. I highly recommend Stern Environmental and I highly compliment your employee, Wilson.
N.J. Resident

I wanted to write and say thank you so much for the professional, discreet and accommodating way you have helped us with our bed bug problem. Our 5 month old baby was bitten and the next day you had the K-9 detective dog come to our home. We were horrified to find out that we had gotten bed bugs from someone who had visited us. As new parents, we couldn't move fast enough to rid our home of these awful pests and protect our child from getting more bites. Within 3 days you shipped us our bed bug mattress and box spring covers (which are guaranteed bite proof or your money back and have the Good Housekeeping seal of approval), answered numerous questions and your team came to vacuum and spray. As a mother, your graciousness, your advice and the fast work of your entire team has made me extremely grateful. I would recommend your services to anyone who unfortunately has to deal with this horrific problem! You have given our new little family peace of mind and finally a good night's sleep.

Just wanted to thank you (Ella) and Wilson for providing such professional service as well as excellent "psychological" assistance in this family's "bedbug crisis." It is so important to be assisted by people who understand the emotional as well as physical toll this puts upon a family. Both you and Wilson answered all our questions thoroughly; explaining the steps to be taken in the procedure of ridding our home of this awful nuisance. Hopefully, we will not need to pass your company name along to any friends, but should the need arise we will be happy to do so. Again, thanks so much.
Linda W.

I just wanted to take the time to tell you how fantastic Ella Jukilis was during my "drama" – I arrived home from a holiday and found bugs in my father's bedroom—he is 100! I called Ella and she told me that the first available appointment was 1 week from the time I called... she wiggled the schedule and arranged for Jose to come the next day. She answered my innumerable and continuous stream of questions, as well as holding my hand and assuring me that it would work out. She has been wonderful when dealing with bedbugs... you really need therapy!!!
Ellen C.

Thank you, thank you. In this most trying time, I wanted to say a special thanks for your having shepherded me through this horrible process of ridding my house of bed bugs. ...You have been professional and sympathetic at the same time. You have understood the misery of the situation and the arduousness of the task, but you have been firm and clear in your instructions. You have offered help and a willing ear. The men you sent to my house to do the actual work have also been amazing. They, too, are professionals who instill confidence in the process. At the same time, they also understand the wretchedness of having to tear one's house apart to rid it of unseen enemies. They work quickly, efficiently, and offer suggestions for maintaining the "health" of the house. They take their jobs seriously, but they are good humored and pleasant to have in the house. Thank you again and again.
Jane Paznik-Bondarin

I am writing to you regarding one of your technicians, Wilson Oquendo. I contacted your company in February of this year regarding bed bug treatment. Wilson Oquendo was the technician who conducted the treatment in my apartment. I would just like to convey to you how much I appreciated what a friendly and competent technician he was. It is awful to be faced with any type of bug or rodent problem, but having a technician like Wilson taking care of the job helped to lessen this extremely stressful situation. Thank you again for providing me with such an outstanding service technician.

On Wednesday, April 2, 2008 I heard noises in my attic – maybe mice, more likely squirrels, judging from the scurrying and scratching noises. I called my regular exterminator, but unfortunately it was 5:15 PM and the office was closed. The answering service promised me a call back shortly.

I found Stern Environmental as a result of a Google search online. When I called, I was connected to Ella. I was prepared for the usual service company response – we'll get someone to you three weeks from Tuesday, and you have to be home from 8:00 AM to 9:00 PM and our serviceman will show up at some point. This was NOT Ella's response. Not only did she arrange for a serviceman to be at my house the next day, but she even went the extra step of working out the timing so that I did not have to change my schedule at all. It is not often these days that I find someone who knows the meaning of "customer service" – kudos to Ella for recognizing the meaning and value of that phrase. The serviceman (Wilson) showed up as scheduled, and he was fabulous.

I hope that I never again have critters in my attic, but just in case, I am keeping Ella's phone number, and I will pass it along to any of my friends and neighbors who experience similar difficulties. Thank you for being so responsive.
Andrew S. Levy

I am writing this letter to express my appreciation for both the team that you have put together who collaborated to remedy my house pest issues (Wilson and Ella) as well as for the cryogenic freezing process (Cryonite) that your company utilizes to remedy an on going bedbug infestation in my home.

Almost 4 months ago I noticed signs of an infestation in my home. After some research I determined that the pests in question were in fact bedbugs. Immediately, I contacted a trusted and certified exterminator; this individual, although licensed and familiar with the prescribed treatments for bedbugs ultimately was unable to completely exterminate the bugs. Over the course of roughly 4 months, he utilized various chemicals that required numerous applications, along side the related home maintenance that I was personally required to complete and maintain. After four months the problem had subsided greatly, but signs of infestation were still present. I realized that his methods were proving unsuccessful, so I researched out for alternative options for treatment and found information on Stern Environmental and your cryogenic CO2 treatments.

Although skeptical, I phoned and got in touch with Ella who took the time to explain the process and offer empathetic understanding for my situation. I agreed to the treatment option and was scheduled for an appointment in a very reasonable time frame, with scheduling adjusted around my work and personal schedules. Ella did a great job explaining the process, guarantees and what exactly was expected of me as the consumer to best prep my home for my upcoming appointment with Wilson.

Wilson, one of your Technician Supervisors was dispatched to my home and mirrored the professional and sympathetic demeanor that I had also experienced when scheduling with Ella. Wilson took the time to explain the process that was going to take place, what my responsibilities were to ensure that this problem remains resolved, then he diligently and with great attention to detail treated my home.

Wilson utilized the cryogenic CO2 spray (Cryonite) in all areas where he determined there to be any presence of the bedbugs, then followed up with a secondary chemical treatment. Wilson's work ethic was apparent and appreciated as he made his way from room to room. He responsibly took the time necessary to ensure total extermination of the bugs almost as if he was working in his own home. The methods and processes utilized by Wilson ultimately proved to be outstanding since my infestation is now completely remedied.

In closing, you should be proud of the team members that represent Stern Environmental everyday, they are great employees that utilize a great treatment option for such infestation problems. After so many months of on-going issues with these pests, I once again have a sense of peace in my home and am confident that if any pest problems arise in my home in the future, Stern Environmental will be able to provide a responsible and efficient solution.

M. Hersh

I'd like to compliment your employee, Wilson Oquendo. He visited our home today in N. Massaqequa to handle a squirrel problem. He was on-time, courteous, pleasant and competent. I would not hesitate to call Stern (and Mr. Oquendo) again. Thank you.
Bill Piezzo

I felt pretty much frustrated, helpless and really worried because of this bed bug problem. I could not sleep well, no more. I'm so happy I called the Stern Environmental Group for help. From the first moment they entered my apartment, they showed their professional and kind manners. They needed to come to my apt. more than one time, they are always available when you call them. Wilson is very professional and he's the kind of expertise you can trust 100%. I would recommend this company to anyone, especially to my friends.

Thank you for all of your support!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bed bug problem eliminated 100%, I can now sleep throughout the night. Wilson was very helpful and professional and after following direct instructions from Ella and Wilson, the infestations was fully eliminated. I strongly recommend Stern Environmental Group to alleviate all pest concerns and issues.
Yahoo Local User

I just wanted to relay the positive experience we had with Stern. Our Brooklyn apartment and NJ home had a bed bug problem. From the moment I called Stern, your staff was courteous and helpful. It's a very disheartening and horrible ordeal to go through and your staff was very kind to us and sensitive to our dilemma. I have to mention our exterminator Wilson. He was amazing. He took the time to walk us through everything and to reassure us that the problem would be taken care of in a professional manner. I would highly recommend you company to anyone who is having a bed bug or other sort of bug and animal issue.
Thank you. Liz & Dan

We own and operate a Midtown NY Hotel. Stern Environmental has been a real professional in ending our bed bug problem. A little bug can harm a great hotel. Thanks Stern!
Best Wishes, Stan

After just 1 visit, I am bed bug FREE!!!!!!!!!!!! The technicians are professional and true experts in their field. Extremely pleasant sales woman! I will definitely use them for all my pest control needs.
Yahoo Local User


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