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We at Stern pride ourselves in our professionalism, experience, and keeping our customers our priority for both commercial and residential properties.

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Doing Business with Us – We Make It Easy

Get STERN with your pests! If insects, rodents or other pests have invaded your home or building, your attention is focused on eliminating the problem as safely and efficiently as possible.

At Stern Environmental Group, we want to provide a solution that relieves your stress, rather than blindsiding you with unexpected or complicated details.

Few things are as frustrating as hiring a company that doesn't fulfill your expectations. Dealing with a pest infestation is more than just an inconvenience. It can put the health and safety of your family and your employees at risk and potentially cause significant harm to your business.

We believe in operating with transparency and strive to maintain clear communication with all current and prospective clients. Here's what you can expect when you turn to Stern Environmental to handle your pest management needs.

What to Know About Inspections and Estimates

1. When you call Stern Environmental, one of our friendly and knowledgeable account executives, will ask specific questions about your situation, including what type of building you have and what pest is present (or suspected).

2. Once our account executive has all the necessary data, they will determine the approximate length of time needed for the corresponding treatment, as well as what supplies and equipment will be required. Both factors are combined to calculate an estimated cost.

3. Upon your approval of the estimate, a visit will be scheduled. We maintain prompt response times that coordinate with your calendar for minimum disruption. The date and time will be confirmed, if desired, along with any other special conditions, such as name of contact person and preferred manner of entry.

4. On the arranged date, the technician will visit your property and do a complete inspection. Based upon his observations and recommendations, a final service plan and price will be established. At no time will we proceed with additional work or charges without your approval. Service is then provided after approval is made during the same appointment.

Service Programs and Payment Plans

• Stern customers can pay by credit card. While we will ask for credit card information up front, especially with first-time customers, no charges will be processed until the work is completed.

• Service calls for ongoing programs are conducted on the same day each visit, based on your selection of the day and time frame. We can set up reminders using your preferred format, whether it's text, email or phone call.

• Signed contracts benefit you as the customer and us as the provider, by documenting all details of the program and ensuring that both sides are in agreement. While we frequently use contracts for ongoing service plans, we can adapt for certain circumstances, especially with one-time services.

• For our regular commercial customers, all invoices go out on the first of the month with net 30 day terms.

• For customers who regularly use our pest management services, our portal site, PestPac, is a convenient one-stop source for managing your account. You can check balances, make payments, get technician reports, review service records, and email us.

Our Technicians

Stern Environmental maintains the highest professional standards. All of our technicians are licensed and our company is fully insured, so you can have confidence in our performance every step of the way.

We're mindful of your privacy and practice discretion at all times. Our technicians are appropriately attired in uniforms that display a modest "Stern" or "Stern Environmental" label, but neither the uniforms nor our company vehicles bear indication of pest control or extermination.

Your Satisfaction is Our Focus

We want you to have complete peace of mind that your property is pest-free. Stern Environmental offers both one-time and ongoing Integrated Pest Management programs to prevent future infestations.

Safety for your family, your employees, and customers is at the forefront of everything we do. Our state-of-the-art procedures are tops in the industry. We use a combination of low-toxicity chemicals and cutting-edge "green" alternatives for effective and thorough pest management wherever possible.

Your satisfaction is our highest priority. We follow consistency in our operations so you know what to expect, but we're also flexible enough to be mindful of your needs. We'll do our best to accommodate your special requests whenever possible.

Where to Begin? It's Easy...

A Stern representative can provide a service estimate by simply asking a few questions, in most cases, or a free on-site inspection can be arranged around your schedule. Visit our website contact form to get started.

We service accounts anywhere in the United States and internationally.