Squish, squash, SPLAT! The Only Good Roach Is a Dead Roach!

I keep a gigantic size 15 man’s shoe in my basement. It’s sole purpose is to squish bugs. Like many people, I’m squeamish about bugs, but cockroaches are my particular nemesis. My daughter lives in Brooklyn where, like in any big city, roaches seem to be a fact of life. If I think one might be lurking in her kitchen, all my senses go on high alert and I’m poised to flee at the slightest skitter.

I know it’s ridiculous. I’m what? at least a thousand times bigger than a common city cockroach? Doesn’t matter. They’re ugly and creepy and quick and don’t belong in my house. Like many people, cockroaches send me into panic mode.

Cockroaches were here long before man came on the scene and will probably still be here long after we’re gone. They have an annoying sense of entitlement and can be found nearly everywhere on Earth. Prolific producers, there is no such thing as one roach. As they forage for food they leave chemical trails for their buddies to follow until, before you know it, the whole clan has joined the party and your kitchen is crawling with the nasty buggers. And they eat anything. They’ll eat your cereal and when it’s gone, make of feast of the glue on the box!

Roaches pose a serious health threat. They are known to spread 33 types of bacteria, 6 varieties of parasitic worms and at least 7 other human viral and bacterial pathogens. They spread germs as they crawl through decaying garbage and sewage, picking up and depositing bacteria and viruses on their legs and bodies.

Their excretions combine with molt carcasses to create a biological dust that has been shown to trigger asthma and allergies. They are considered a significant contributing cause to the increase of asthma among city dwellers, particularly children. My own daughter developed serious asthma in part because of a horrendous roach infestation caused when an elderly neighbor became mentally incapacitated and allowed garbage to accumulate in her apartment. At least the roaches did alert my daughter and other neighbors to the problem so they could get help for the unfortunate woman, but at what a price to all concerned. Living with the infestation was a nightmare and extermination seemed to take forever. I wish her complex had called Stern Environmental Group, but they didn’t. It was months before my daughter could sleep peacefully. And that’s one of the big issues with cockroach and other insect infestations. Not only do they create a serious physical health threat, but the mental anguish can be extremely upsetting.

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