Warm Weather Heralds Ants’ Return

As I was opening the patio door to let in the warm air and sunshine, there they were. Snaking slowly across the patio, a few big-bodied scouts in front, creeping toward the corner of the door, their little antennae twitching, headed for the apple pie on the counter. Yep, spring must be close, the ants are back!

There are more than 20,000 different species of ants and they’ve called Earth home for more than 100 million years. There are ants that construct huge mounds of dirt or sand that tower above the ground. Some live in rotted wood. Army ants travel in constantly moving packs, continuously searching for new food sources. In colder climates like ours, ants burrow deep into the ground, often 15 feet or more, creating a labyrinth of tunnels and chambers. They wait out the cold, hibernating through the winter in the lower chambers of their tunnel system. As the earth warms, the ants awaken with the daffodils and tulips to start a new construction season. Which brings us back to the apple pie on my kitchen counter — the workers and the queen must be fed!

With millions of ants in a single colony, there are a lot of hungry mouths to feed. And once the scouts discover your kitchen, the parade of invaders will seem endless. By touching antennae ants will communicate the discovery of this fabulous new “supermarket” to their pals. They lay down pheromones, creating a scent trail so their buddies can join them in the lunch line. They have numbers, determination, and instinct on their side. You and your little can of Raid haven’t got a chance.

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