Ordering Bed Bug-Proof Encasements Just Got Easier

Demand for our bed bug proof bedding encasements has been so great from both the hospitality industry and worried individuals that we have created a special Shop Now order page on our website to assist our customers. Click the post title to check it out and order bed bug proof encasements for your beds.

Stern Environmental Group only sells top of the line Protect-A-Bed mattress and box springs covers, the most effective bed bug-proof encasements on the market. Enclosing your mattress and box springs in a protective cover, called an encasement, is the most proactive measure you can take to protect your bed from a bed bug invasion.

Specifically designed and engineered by bed bug experts to stop bed bugs, the professional-grade BugOff encasement products sold by Stern Environmental Group come with impenetrable BugLock zippers. BugOff by Protect-A-Bed has been certified by a top Entomology Laboratory to be bed bug proof. It is the only encasement on the market specifically designed for the pest management industry for use as part of a professional bed bug prevention and control program. Click here to find out more about impenetrable BugOff bed bug proof encasements.