Shop Online for Bed Bug Bite Proof Mattress Encasements

We’ve just added a new section to our website – a shopping page for our specail bed bug bite proof mattress and box spring encasements. Now you can buy our bed bug mattress solution 24/7 anywhere in the United States.

Our specially lab tested mattress and box spring covers are certified to be bed bug bite-proof. For all the information please visit our product page. (

Our products are different that regular department store mattress pads, special allergy encasements, and other bed bug products on the market. Ours are developed for the professional pest control industry by bed bug extermination experts. These encasements are quality products developed to provide real solutions! We even provide information on how to measure your bed for the mattress and box spring encasements.

What makes our covers special and so different?

  1. They are bed bug bite proof with a impermeable miracle membrane that keeps bed bugs away from your skin
  2. They are comfortable – no plastic crinkle here or hot sweaty nights
  3. They have a special zipper to lock bed bugs in or out depending on your situation
  4. They have extra fabric around the zipper to prevent any bug or egg escape

These special covers can be used to protect new bedding from any problems now or in the future as a preventative measure. Or they can be used to salvage quality bedding after you have had an infestation and received treatment.

There is no reason now to throw away your mattress and box springs after you have had a bed bug extermination treatment. Just seal in the bed bugs, keep them from biting you, and let them die a natural death inside our specially developed encasements.

These special covers are created to be installed on your mattress and box spring and left on for as long as you own the bedding.

Now there is real help, a real solution, and real protection from bed bug bites!