Bed Bug Extermination

In the pest control industry, we are seeing a peak in bed bug infestations and request for treatment. The problem has been growing slowly over the past three years, with peak activity occurring just this past year. Bed bugs are a growing threat to hoteliers and even home owners.

What is even more concerning than a proliferation of bed bugs is that the chemicals used to treat them are becoming less effective. Bed bugs are rapidly becoming resistant to many of the chemicals that we have used to treat them with effectively. The pest control industry is working rapidly to find a new combination and protocols that can continue to be effective against bed bugs, but the overall news is not looking good at this point for a clear resolution.

Prevention and containment is still very important for hotels, cruise ships, and now even sleeper trains. France has just reportedly removed several trains from service for treatment due to bed bug infestations. Being cautious when you travel has become critical to your own personal comfort and for the protection of your family and home when you return. In the next several posts I will talk about what to do when you travel so you can minimize bringing a bed bug problem home with you.