How to Not Get Bed Bugs When You Travel to a Hotel

I have a few important things that I do to make sure that I don’t bring bed bugs home when I travel.

1. I leave my luggage in my car or at the front desk (perferably in the car) when I check in. I go to my room for an inspection before I allow any other family members or my luggage into the room.

2. Once in the room, I go right to the bed and pull back the sheets on one side and pull over the mattress pad and look for bed bug debris in the cording roll of the mattress and box spring. If I see any red spots, white pearl like eggs, or any dirt at all, I am out of there fast! When a room has a bed bug problem, this is where you will see small spots that are bed bug fecal matter from their recent blood feast.

3. If I do not see any potential problems in the mattress or box spring area, the next thing I do is open the night stand drawer and look in the very back moving the book around. I am looking for bed bugs, bed bug debris, hopefully will not see anything.

If and only if the room is clear at this point, do I move in my luggage and get my family to come in. Tomorrow, I will post about what to do when you get home from a trip, just to make sure if you missed bed bugs in the hotel that you don’t bring any home with you.