The Increasingly Common Pest: The Raccoons

Each pest has its own separate list of annoyances. The most common complaints about raccoons is that they are either living in someone’s attic or, believe it or not, in their chimney! Raccoons are also notorious for getting into garbage cans or dumpsters and spreading trash all over. They also sneak in through pet doors and will eat your cat’s or dog’s food. Raccoons are bold little creatures with no fear of cats and dogs and little fear of humans.

Raccoons have been known to tear open screen doors to get to unprotected bowls of pet food on the kitchen floor or even on the far side of the house. Because raccoons are nocturnal, that means most of their mischief happens at night when no one is around to see it happen.

Besides food, another major cause of a home invasion is to make it their home as well. It is a big scary neighborhood out there with lots of dangers and the attic of a house is a quiet, well protected space that is warm in the winter and where no one hardly ever comes. It not only makes a good home, but an ideal nesting spot too.